Does Initial Matter In
Name Numerology

by Mahesh

As per name numerology, my son was born on 8th June 1997. His name is M.K.Karankumar. A local Numerologist told us to change his name as his name Karankumar adds to 8.

But along with initials his name comes to 32 or 5. We are confused very much. As he has to appear in his board examinations in this year, we are more worried. Please guide us.

Reply by Kannan M

If you study numerology well, you will know that initials also matter. The name numerology must be perfect in the initial part as well as the main name part as well as in its name component parts.

Karan has 'ran' which is negative numerology and kumar has two bad vibes in ku and in mar. Therefore whether you count the initials or not the whole name of your son is highly defective.

And the child will run into great difficulties when he becomes old. Know the correct numerology name meanings and act accordingly.

Better correct his name. You can do it from the contact page in this web site which applies modern techniques of vibes measurements..

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Name Numerology

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Jul 29, 2016
Initial letter total NEW
by: Aparna

Hi sir,
My daughter was born on 3/6/2016.. we chosen S.A.Ankitha as her name.. Her initial "s" is my husband's name and "a" is of mine.. i heard a numerologist said that initial should not add to total no 4. Is it true ?

Jul 19, 2016
name suggestion NEW
by: Anonymous



regards ..

Jun 03, 2016
sai NEW
by: Anonymous

for my new born baby which nameis suitable....makar rasi,thiruvonam naksh..southindian...time eve 4.35...

May 11, 2016
by: Anonymous



Apr 05, 2016
name numerology NEW

Sir my daughter born on august 31 , 2013. Her name is Ishnoor kaur singh on passport and nick name is Ishnoor. Does it work for her for better life. Pls suggest

Apr 02, 2016
initial included in calculating the no NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi sir
My son born on 4/3/14 and we kept his name as M.sarvessh...whether we kept in a correct no.. is this name is lucky for him. Thanks

Mar 12, 2016
currect name setting NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Sir,

My daughter was born on 23/02/2012 @6.57 pm.we have decided her name is Danyashree. we have to add sur name Sadumu .we what take surname Sadumu or s.

Mar 01, 2016
How to add name NEW
by: karuna

Can u tell me i just add my name karuna or add with my surname mehta or add my father name in all that is karuna RAVILAL mehta . Reply it shd be added to give a number

Sep 15, 2015
Suitable Name NEW
by: Anonymous

Mr. Kannan

My son born on 25-08-2005 I Want to change my son name as Arya Shrinivas Achary i should go for Arya S A is it ok or any changes required pls. reply

Jul 30, 2015
Son name NEW
by: Harirajan

Dear madam/sir,

My son born on 3rd july 2015 Friday at 6.12AM. After astrology suggest start letter bho, bay, ja, ji. We planned to give his name as JANAAV. Please advise me your suggestion. . Thanks a ton.

Jul 28, 2015
reply quick NEW
by: Anonymous

sir my sister's son born on 14th july 2015 and we decided to name him as guru charan rajendran and his father's name is R.Arun . sir plz say his name will be lucky to him or not and choose him a lucky name. while calculating numerological value of the name initial should be considered or not?

Jun 29, 2015
baby name selection NEW
by: shanmu

should i consider initials along with name to calculate numerology number? my son born on 20-05-2015. i am interested to select a name as per numerology.

May 25, 2015
Baby name NEW
by: Ramya

Hi Kannan Sir,

I have planned to keep Aadira for my girl baby born on 5th Sep 2014 (4.17 pm IST born in Bangalore). please let me know your contact details or mail id to take consultation on keeping name to my baby.

I Read your explanation given on Numerology and have a good idea about it now.Thanks very much.

Feb 26, 2015
name change as per numerology NEW
by: Florence Jeyanthi

Dear Sir,

My son date of birth is 08.09.2013. His name is Kishore Sanjay and the initial is G. But all are told date of 8th is very dangerous and change his name to lucky no.5. Kindly suggest the good christian name as per the lucky no. 5.

May 21, 2014
importance of initial in the name NEW
by: manju

hello sir,

my baby boy life and path number is we choose 19 as numerology number. my doubt is without initial his name number comes to 17 which is a 8 number on a whole. if I include my initial name number comes to 13. my question is whether we have to keep the name in a good number like 14 0r 15 and adding according to it.
he is suffering from illness will this new name will make good in his life.

Apr 16, 2014
change in first name NEW
by: Anonymous

hello sir,
i want to change my name i.e, "RUPALI" .my birthdate is 6th of nov 1978, day-monday and birthtime(5:29 A.M). Can i change my name as "SHRADDHA" OR "RIDDHI" or please suggest name or initial as per numerology. Thankyou

Feb 24, 2014
suggestion NEW
by: prabhuanandhan


please suggest i am going to name my girl with P.Rajashri and her dob is 19 feb 2014


Jan 20, 2014
Give Suitable suggestion for child Name NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Mr Kannan

My Brother son born on july 15th 2013. We are plan to fix name NAVDHEEP. My brother Name is Nandhakumar and him wife Name is Jayalakshmi.
kindly give us suggest for numerology for that name.
Thanks & Regards

Jan 16, 2014
request with initial or with out initial NEW
by: K.rajesh

need help i have confused that have to calculate with initial or with out initial

need reply as soon as possible bcoz Sunday function

so plz rely me

Dec 11, 2013
3 & 5 compatibility NEW
by: Pankaja

Dear Mr Kannan M,

My granddaughter's day no comes to 3(21) & name arya comes to 5. Is it compatible?

Oct 07, 2013
requesting an advice NEW
by: dilipkumar

sir, my boy baby birth date is 29.09.2013, by12:18 pm. His star is poosam n kadaga raasi. I have planned to name him as J.D.Hemanth. J refers my fathers first letter joghee. Need your advice as soon as possible, please.

Oct 03, 2013
name change NEW
by: Anonymous

my name is K.Jayanthi born on 22.11.1972 2.35 pm I want to change my name in numerlogy can u please suggest can i have as per my hubby is name as initial as S.Jayanthi. Please suggest me which will be better

Jun 26, 2013
name NEW
by: sathish kumar


Jun 23, 2013
Should we calculate numerology of a with or without Initials? NEW
by: Mithun

Dear Mr.Kannan,

im waiting for your reply

We have decided to keep my son name as keshvad - counts to 8
with initials M.S.Keshvad- totals to 33 - 3+3=6

With initials it is good, but w/o initial it is not good as it totals to 8.

so im confused, should i need to change this name spelling.

Apr 23, 2013
need sugessions please NEW

My name was previously v.priyadarshini and after marriage i changed my name as k.priyadarshini and we got separated after 13yrs due to his illegal affair.. i have one dependent son 13yrs with autism and am only breadwinner taking care of my son and my aged mom.Am down in career and personal life. can i change back my name back to v.priyadarshini. does it bring luck to me..plz in deep crisis...

Mar 18, 2013
first name number 28 and total number 32. NEW
by: shabannah

Hi kannan sir,

My name is A.S.Shabannah. with initials it is 32(5).
But without initials SHABANNAH sums to 28. I heard that as per numerology name number 28 is very unlucky. could you please clarify and suggest the correct name? my Date of Birth is NOVEMBER 11, 1986.

Mar 03, 2013
To Kannan NEW
by: mithun

Dear kannan,

My son name is keshwad - counts to 8
with initial M.S.Keshwad- totals to 33 - 3+3=6

With initials it is good, but w/o initial it is not good as it totals to 8.

so im confused, should i need to change this name spelling.

Jan 28, 2013
name sugestion for new born NEW
by: mugundhan

Sir my baby girl born on 27.01.2013 at 5.58 am. I wish to keep name as per numerology i think a.m.hemavarshiny is it good....please reply me

Jan 28, 2013
name sugestion for new born NEW
by: mugundhan

Sir my baby girl born on 27.01.2013 at 5.58 am. I wish to keep name as per numerology i think a.m.hemavarshiny is it good....please reply me

Jan 02, 2013
want to add lucky initial before my name NEW
by: R.vishnupriya

Good Morning sir
i want to add lucky intial to my daughter present name is R.Vishnupriya pls suggest best initial before.

Dec 19, 2012
name discussion NEW
by: Sriram

my son birth day is 27-09-2007. His name is KARTI KEYAN as per date of birth certificate and initial is S. One of our numerologist recommended to use write the name KARTI KEYAN instead of KARTHI KEYAN.

please take note of letter H is missed in the first name. Can you please advise the existing name is OK are not?


Sep 27, 2012
Sir requesting for an advice NEW
by: Pavithran

My gal baby born on 20.09.2012. we like to put a name of P.Thejashree. Please advice us whether the specified name suits her or not.

Thanks Pavithran

Jul 17, 2011
to change my baby name
by: Anonymous

My baby's name is N.Dhanyashri but we have decided to change her name to S. Dhanya. The initial S stands for my name and N stands for my husband's name. I want her name to be small and to be lucky for her. her birthday date is 20.6.2008. Her star is pooradam and dhanusu rasi. Please select a good name for my kid.

Reply By Kannan M

Dhanya is bad enough to be unlucky. the initials also do not add any luck. Pooradam is an unlucky star. Take care or correct her name by applying through the contact us page in this web site.

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