Faultless Names By Nameology
Use Astrology & Bioenergetics!

Kannan M

Why Does Traditional Nameology Fail?

Nameology gives you Success, only if you cross verify your calculations with Astrology and Bioenergetics.

When you blindly do Bookish Numerology, you are bound to fail.

Most practitioners of Nameology totally disregard astrology and bioenergetics compatibilities while doing their numerology calculations.

Check out with Mr. Kannan M, if your name is correct and if it has these additional compatibilities. He ensures it with astrology and bioenergetics!

How To Compare?

In Nameology Judgments, you can make mistakes. How do you know that 23 is better than 32, unless you have methods to compare? As of today’s numerology practice, there is no such method with these Nameologists.

To ensure perfect name numerology compatibility, you should have fool proof methods to test the Names, measure the Name Effects, compare the Name Numbers of two names, and conclude clearly which one is best.

Shot In The Arm

Nameology received its Boost, when Mr. Kannan introduced Astrology to check the Efficacy of Names and Numerology Numbers. His method gives the best choice, even from among 100 names in the same Name Number.

Suppose you want name numerology compatibility with the Name No. 23. You can have 100 or even 1000 names in the same Name Number. Kannan M will find which one is best with his Impeccable Scientific Methods.

Don't Change Blindly

This New Turn is a Blessing for Nameology, as it restores its Glory as an instrument for Success! It infuses Hope to those who changed their names wrongly from Amateur Numerologists, who practice Bookish Numerology.

Such people who blindly change names do incalculable harm to society. They recklessly change names following Bookish Numerology. These names lack Name Numerology Compatibility, and actually harm the recipients.

If You Fail Often

If you suffer Failures due to Defective Nameology, approach Mr. Kannan M. He will design a perfect name, with perfect name numerology compatibility, and also ensure its compatibility with your Astrology and Bioenergetics.

When you are ill, you have different tests to find out your disease. You do these tests when you recover too, to confirm your recovery. Likewise, you test as per Astrology and Bioenergetics to know if your Name is Perfect.

The Remedy

If your name is unlucky, change it at once. Engage a Numerologist who also knows bioenergetics, Lecher Antenna, and Horary Astrology. He will find your ideal name number. Have your name finalized in that number.

If you are not happy with the name of your wife, hubby, or child, you can approach Mr. kannan M, through the contact page. He will give you your most Lucky Personal Names, Baby Names, and Lucky Business Names!

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