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By Name Numerology

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Energy-Mass-Time And
Name Numerology

Name Numerology plays a vital role in all creations. When you observe Nature, you find a specific order.

It is all ruled by Time and Numbers. Take the formula E=mC2. Energy is a function of mass and time.

The role of numbers is very much important in the above equation. You need numbers to define C and m, which are the velocity of light Mass.

Why Traditional Nameology Fails?

Numbers And Alphabets
Behind All Creation

What is velocity? It is distance (a number) divided by number of seconds to cover the distance.

This cardinal formula reveals the secret of creation of the universe. Read the above equation to find out mass. The rewritten equation becomes M=E/C2 . C2 is a constant and a Number!

What does it reveal? Mass depends on Energy and a Particular Number. You need still more numbers to qualify and quantify Mass! There is no world with out Mass. Such is the role of numbers in all creation.

You can not define energy and velocity with out numbers. You can not express them with out some kinds of symbols, numbers or alphabets. Therefore, numbers and alphabets are the back bone of all creations.

And Divinity

The ancient Hindu Wisdom teaches us that it was God who had taken the form of Energy, Time, Alphabets and Numbers. Each alphabet is a sound vibration, with a unit of 'matra', which is a measure with a Number.

Lord Krishna reveals the secret of all creation in His famous Sanskrit verse in Bagavad Gita As follows.

Aksharaanaam Akaarohs me, Dhwandhvah Saamaasikasya Cha, Ahame Va Akshaya Kaaloh Dhatha Hum Viswatho Mukhah
Hindu Scripture Bagavad Gita, Ch. 10 Verse 33

Meaning Of The Verse

The meaning of the verse is as follows. "Of all the alphabets I am the letter A, and among compound words, I am the dual compound. I am also the inexhaustible Time, and of Creators, I am Brahma".

Subtle Terms Explained

'All the alphabets' refers to all the languages. 'Akaarohs me' refers to the first letter of any language, with or with out script. Here alphabet means the sound vibration, which defines the first letter in any language.

God Created All The

Letter A is used to express the sound vibration of the first letter of any language. It represents Sound Energy in the form of a symbol. The Lord says, it is He, who is in the beginnings of all Languages.

He is present in the alphabet A. It has the instructions implied in an automated mechanism, to give expression and creative forms to all other alphabets in any language and their sound vibrations.

God’s Omnipresence exists in all the languages of the world in the form of alphabets. Originally, alphabets alone were used as numbers. God is also present as the sound energy in those alphabets, which have no scripts.

Name Numerology Invokes
Divine Powers

Names are compound words which we write using alphabets. There is a subtle meaning and power of God in these names. It is confirmed by the Lord by his words, 'among the compound words, I am the dual compound'.

All names are like chains, whose links are alphabets. The power of God exists in these alphabets, in various degrees as their hidden meanings. The power depends on their numbers and vibrations in these names.

Exalted Powers of Name

The Lord says, 'Ahame Va Akshaya Kaaloh', which means, I am the inexhaustible Time. He clearly declares, 'Dhatha Hum Viswatho Mukhah'. I am the Creator of this Universe (with all its diverse languages).

Name Numerology is a science of efficient use of Time, Numbers and Alphabets. It is important to note the Lord’s Declaration about Time. The above quoted verse drives home the power of Name Numerology.

Name Numerology Is Your
Mantra For Success

It is proof that God exists in all Creation, Time , Sound And Alphabets. Creations have a quality, quantity, dimensions, mass, volume measurable and immeasurable attributes as per His name-numerology.

We apply this science, of name numerology to attain success and what ever we want, by designing powerful lucky names, and by choosing to do our activities especially, during our lucky dates and lucky periods.

Rewrite Your Fortunes By
The Power Of Name

Your body is the yantra or the machine. Name Is Your Mantra or the operating system, which takes you to the heights of success. Its power enabled Lord Rama to charge ordinary arrows into Bhramaastras!

Bhramaastra was the most powerful weapon of those times, even more powerful than the latest atom bombs. They did it using the special mantras, which consisted of alphabets, names and sound vibrations.

You too can overcome your sorrows, conflicts, failures and diseases using the power of names! Try changing it once. Meditate on your name as your mantra for success. Write your new name and infuse it with Divine Powers.

May Success Garland Your Life

May Success Garland You All, who follow the unfailing principles of name numerology, to cross this ocean of human Life. Success is your birth right. Untap these secret powers by correcting your name and Succeed!

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