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Lucky Numbers Create
World's Billionaires!

Do you know that most of the world's billionaires rose from the scratch using Lucky Numbers?

That they made it to the peak in their business before they were 50?

And that millions of MBAs and Ph.Ds work and toil for these billionaires in order to to make them Even Richer!

Education Does Not Matter
To Become Rich

In fact most of these billionaires did not study beyond basic schooling. Still they had made it to the top and now command very Big Positions and Global Empires! What is their Secret? It is in their Lucky Numbers!

Do your Numerology Calculation And Find Your
Day Number, Life Number , Name Number, And Compound Number!

Success Factor

Knowingly or just by instinct, they used these numbers to work for them. They planned and executed their Time and Work Schedules as per these numbers! It is the most powerful single reason for their success.

You too can be lucky if you know how to use these numbers. Start any activity or business on your Lucky Day, ruled by Numbers which are Lucky for you. These numbers determine your Success, Prosperity and Fate!

Why Traditional Nameology Fails?

How To Calculate?

To calculate your Lucky Numbers, you must know your Day Number and Life Number. You can find out both from your Date of Birth. Suppose you were born on 01-02-1986. Your day number is 1 and Life number is 9.

Your day number is the first entry in that Date. It is 01. Add the two numerals. 0+1=1. Therefore, your Day No. is 1. If the date is 27-02-1986, your Day Number is found by adding the two numbers in 27. It is 2+7 = 9.

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Your Life Number

Your Life No. too can be one of your Lucky Numbers. What is your Life No. for a birth day of 01-02-2009? You get it by adding up all these numbers. So, add (0+1)+(02)+(2+0+0+9)=14. = (1+4) = 5. Your Life No. is 5.

Take 27-02-2009. Add all these numbers. (2+7)+(0+2)+(2+0+0+9)=22. (22)=2+2= 4. Here, your Life number is 4. If it is in December, you must use 12 instead of 02 and add 1+2. For 27-12-2009, your Life number is 5.

Find Your Lucky Number

Find out your lucky numbers from an expert numerologist. He will find the numbers which are lucky to you from among 1,3,5,6,or 9. He will not give inferior numbers such as 7, 2, 4, or 8, which can be unlucky for you.

If your day or life number is 7, 2, 4, or 8, you have to evaluate other numbers and aspects in your numerology and decide on what is lucky for you. For instance, if your day No. is 2, your lucky No. will be 1, 5, 6, or 7.

how To Choose Your Numerology Love Match!

The Reasoning

Can you as a rule use your Day number and Life number as Lucky to you? You can not. The numbers 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 need not be lucky to you, even if any of it is your Day Number or Life Number.

Mercury Rules over 5. It is friendly to all. Saturn rules over 8. It is enemy to all. Jupiter rules over 3. And Venus over No. 6. Venus and Jupiter are enemies. So are Rahu and Ketu. Mars and Moon are also sworn enemies.

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Friend Or Enemy?

The concept of Luck in Numbers is deep. Your Day and Life No. should not be enemies. If your Day No. is 3 and Life No. is 6, they oppose each other. Number 3 is ruled by Jupiter, and 6 is ruled by by its enemy Venus!

They pull you in two opposite directions. Your success in any direction is prevented. It is to correct this fault, that our fore fathers invented Name Numerology, and prescribed corrections in your name to solve this conflict.

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