8 Is A Number of Wisdom
Name Numerology

According to name numerology, I am born on 17/9/1972.

I can say that I have not been lucky. But I can say with all confidence that I am living my dream. To achieve that I had to go through that grind.

It is all in perception. The sufferings are in fact teachings. You need to accept them, find out solutions for them. Unless faced with adverse conditions, how does one improve ones solving skills.

Today when ever I confront a problem, I look at it just like that. "A problem" and then try to work out different solutions for it. Today amongst my colleagues, I am a problem solver and I get paid for it.

No 8 is a teacher, it is a provider of wisdom, it tells you about life, it makes you remember you make and forces to remember them for the rest of your life, so that you do not commit them again.

In Chinese Name Numerology, No. 8 is the most respected number. They pay enormous sums of money to get 8 digits as telephone numbers, car numbers etc. Remember the Olympic games held in Beijing, the timing was such that it was ensured that the game started on the 8th at 8 pm, 8 minutes, 8 seconds. ALL 8's.

So CHERISH the number 8 do not fear it.

Reply by Kannan M

Like I have always told all of you again and again you can not compare the Chinese alphabets and numerals with English Alphabets and numerals. The qualities of 8 change when you have a perfect name, be it English or Chinese. Let us compare onions for onions.

If you are bold enough, you have a name as per Vedic numerology or Chaldean numerology in 8 and you practice that name for one month, why, you do it for 35 days to make it another 8. See how bad luck haunts you from all corners and from every where.

The explanation is in that the 8 in Chinese is compensated by vibrations of their symbols in alphabets, to render it lucky. We too do that by Chaldean or Vedic numerology using English Alphabets.

For example, Chinese Acupuncture points suit mostly to Chinese but all these points are not successful for all the other country people. Only some points work well on a universal basis to all.

Similarly, Chinese name numerology has certain good features but these are not applicable universally to all persons in this world.

Again I tell you, If you are not a born Chinese to Chine parents, try to use their numerology advise and correct your name. If you write your name in Chinese language, you may be lucky. But if you write the name in its English transliteration, you will face your doom.

See your progress or misfortunes and then tell us your experience. If you are a Chinese, you may find yourself lucky with Chinese numerology. But if you are an Indian, can you think of having a Chinese name and can you practice it with out mistakes with Chinese Symbols every day? It will not make you lucky as no one will know what your real name is!

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Name Numerology

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Oct 13, 2010
by: Prefer Not to Say

Dear Mr Kannan M,

Those are two amazing points that I hadn't allowed for at all, that some TCM physicians are getting it wrong and that some meridian points are not Universal. Very, very interesting! Many thanks again for the illumination.

I have only used acupuncture once myself with a China-born TCM physician in London for maybe five sessions years ago when I used to suffer from severe hay fever. And one one-off session of moxybustion with another practitioner (South-African born) for a breech pregnancy.

The first had partial success. The second worked. Then back in my home country I saw a medical qigong master two to four times a week for six months who didn't use needles but channeled internal energy.

I know you've said here on your numerology site here that you can remotely test gems with the Lecher Antenna, so by the same token, does that mean you can use it on clients with physical ailments in other parts of the world who don't need to travel to see you in Tamil Nadu?

I will need to go your energy medicine site and look at it in detail.

Reply By Kannan M

Yes. That is my specialty. I am a fully qualified and experienced bioenergetician. I specialize in remote treatments on clients in many parts of the world for all kinds of diseases. More details on this here at Amazing Cures.

Oct 13, 2010
Truth About Acupuncture
by: Kannan M The Author

Reply by Kannan M

I expected that this type of doubt may arise and you have said just that. Let me make it evaporate. I mean let that doubt evaporate from any one's mind.

We have tested all the energy based acupuncture points on all kinds of people from the whole world with the needling techniques with the help of original masters in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This experiment lead us to the clear scientific evidence that some points work on some people and only some people. A medical system if it has to be universal must give out points which work for every one, irrespective of cast, creed, color, language, country, or religion.

We identified some points which worked to cure the disease on all people from any part of the world. In our system we call them universal command points.

Those that use the other points are doing incomparable damage to their patients by interfering with the natural body's biological mechanisms. Those ancient Chinese were past masters in pulse diagnosis who knew these points and applied them.

But the later generation of masters lack their original intuition, pulse diagnostic skills, and conclusions. This is where the Lecher antenna helps. It directly talks with the individual's intelligence asking questions to know which points are blocked.

The intelligence of each one is a Divine Spark of God which knows all about you and it precisely shows those points which the body can not correct by itself. Only those points need correction and once we do that the patient is cured with out side effects.

When the conventional persons who have not mastered the energy treatment try those points suggested by TCM as a general prescription, they create so many side effects in the body, even though they succeed in temporarily curing the illness. Then it becomes just like allopathic medicines which undoubtedly cause side effects.

This vacuum has been fulfilled by energy treatment by Lecher Antenna scanning which clearly shows only those points which need correction. Hence the patients are relieved and there are no side effects.

You may ask now what about any other points. All those points are cleared by our energy treatment with vibrational herbs already. At the end of our vibratory transmission of herbal vibes on to your body, it has less than 10 points which are blocked. These are the Universal Command Points which we clear with the Lecher Antenna.

Oct 12, 2010
Pop Culture or Ancient Science?
by: Prefer Not to Say

As the saying goes: You can lead a horse to the trough but you can't make it drink.

I'm ethnic Chinese but I don't understand this artificial divide in beliefs that certain people want to classify as ?Indian? or ?Chinese?. Chaldean/Vedic numerology is of divine origin bestowed on humans. It's entirely up to us of our own free will whether we want to use it. Or not, as the case may be.

The belief in the luckiness of 8 in Chinese culture is a popular myth because it sounds like the word ?to prosper? in Chinese. Other numbers are considered "lucky" or "unlucky" depending on other Chinese words or phrases they happen to sound like.

It's a commercial jingle and superstition that people have got used to and don't question because it makes life easier. How else can you describe it but crudely as herd mentality? If you look into Bazi (Four Pillars), Zi Wei Dou Shu (the Star of the Purple Emperor astrology), I Ching and other forms of Chinese divination and you won't find any harping on 8.

However, I will say because the mind powerfully creates beliefs, even false beliefs are beliefs. So, if a person wants to believe in the luckiness of 8, there's nothing anyone else can say that will change their mind.

Since sound is also important, there is an element of truth that if you keep repeating good or bad, it will eventually come true.

I only beg to differ on acupuncture. It works when you want to give it (or anything else in life) a sincere go without foregone conclusions or expectation of failure. Underneath and above skin colour, we're all energy and energy lines (meridiens).

This fear that it works only on Chinese people is because of its associations with needles, pain, cutting, blood, gore, and other types of brute invasive-ness in Western medicine. That is a false belief or phobia. There is absolutely no bloodletting in acupuncture. Just a slight discomfort which simply confirms you've hit a blocked meridien that needs to be cleared.

If the Lecher Antenna can correct blocked energy without needles, all the better for the ENTIRE world, not just Chinese, Indians, whomever.

Reply by Kannan M

Thank you the dear visitor for posting this eye opener comment on acupuncture. I give my explanations for your doubt in my next post in this comments section.

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