Name Numerology for No. 5 What No. 5  Means To You?

Mercury and No. 5

In Name Numerology, No. 5 stands for Planet Mercury. 

If you  take daring risks, consider Nothing as Impossible, you are ruled by No. 5 and Mercury.

Your Intellect works with Lightning Speed, and you are very Popular and Successful.   

Why Traditional Nameology  Fails?

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Who is ruled by No. 5?
Name Numerology

As per name numerology, If you are born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd, of any month, know that you are ruled by 5 and Planet Mercury.  You are also ruled by No. 5, if your Life Number or Name Number is 5.

The power of numerology for 5, makes your intellect work with lightning speed. You quickly think of new ideas, for which others take months.  You are responsible for the rapid scientific developments in our modern life.

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Lucky And Risky

Name numerology makes you work so well, that you consider the whole world lags behind. You are fond of new business ventures and you are never afraid of failures. You are lucky and successful. You are liked by all.

If your day number is not 5 but your life number is 5, you start your life as per the day number, but you will be very popular in your later life.  You can also be notorious like Rasputin with (7 & 5) and Hitler (2 & 5).

If your day number is 5 but your life number is 7 or 8, your life will be filled with narrow escapes from accidents and death.  You later life is determined by your life number and you will enjoy its results.

Powers Of Attraction

Name  numerology for No. 5 gives you some powers of special attraction.  Successful businessmen know this and in order to be successful change their business names to No.  5. You can never fail. You fight back and win.

Likes Constant Changes

Name numerology for 5 makes you constantly like changes and new enterprise.  You are bored by routine.  Whether it is in your dress or job,  business or food, you want continuous changes for the better.

Your spouse has to understand this secret of your numerology.  She has to display her affection in different ways.  She has to retain your affection by cooking tasty dishes, and impress you with changes in her personality. 

Successful In Business

Name numerology for No. 5 ensures your business success.  You can do any business successfully.  You think of novel ways of making money.  If you fail, know that.  it is the stepping stone for your next big success!

You like to earn well and spend well.  If your numerology of 5 is exalted, then, you achieve great name and fame.  You perform memorable things.  You invent new ideas, new ways of marketing and new methods.

Keep Your Confidence

Name numerology for No. 5 warns that you have to be careful with your secrets.  You can not hide any thing from others.  People come to know of your secret love matters very quickly.  You should not take risks.

Love Life for No. 5

Name numerology for 5 makes you easily fall in love.  It is  instant love out of passion rather than reason.    Because you love changes in every thing, you also change your love often. You may end up in serious trouble.

Persons with ruling numbers 9, 18, and 27 will attract you like magnets.  If you marry any of them you  will have a good married life. But they are likely to rule over you in the long run.  You have to make a wise choice.

Children for Persons
Ruled By No. 5

Here you've is some unpleasant news.  Persons with No. 5 do not get children easily.  If both husband and wife have No. 5, then the birth of kids is more delayed.  Better try early to get children.

When 5 Is Afflicted

Name numerology for No. 5 can be afflicted by a life number of 8 or 7 or a very poor name number coming in 2,4,7 and 8.  In such cases, you lead  a life of telling lies with trickery  and cheating  others by fraudulent methods.

You perform financial frauds in the stock market and banks and mishandle public funds.  The power of 5 makes you succeed there also.  To avoid all this,  you must correct your names with accurate vibrations by an expert!

Name Numbers in  5

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