Natural Cures Through  
Name Numerology

Kannan M

Cures Diseases As Well

You may think like others that Name Numerology is used only for Name, Fame, & Financial Success.

You may not know that Numerology prevents accidents and cures Your Chronic & Incurable Diseases too!

Once a client came to me who wanted to get rich by numerology. He took his new name and went.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Incredible Experience

He didn't reveal then that he suffered from Parkinson disease. He came again after 3 months. He looked very smug and happy! He told that after name correction his business was much better and he sure got richer.

But he was quite astonished that in the meantime, his Parkinson Disease had vanished and he got cured. He said he never expected this kind of result after name correction. It was an incredible experience to me!

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Power Of Names

He met me after six months. He told me that his name change by name numerology had effected remarkable improvements in his health, which surprised his doctors. They attributed his cure to his self healing power.

But who invoked these self healing mechanisms to cure him? It was the name change that achieved this! It was the power of numbers which made it possible. It was the power of Numerology that was at work!

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Enzyme Disorders

Many of your digestive disorders are due to insufficient secretion of the digestive enzymes. Your doctor corrects this by oral supplements. He prescribes enzymes to replace what your body did not produce by itself.

By this he inhibits your natural abilities to produce enzymes when most needed. It leads you to even more chronic diseases. Such digestive disorders are often cured if you correct your name by numerology.

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Hormone Disorders

If you are a woman, and if you find it hard to conceive after marriage, your delay is attributed to shortage of fertility hormones. Supplementing this artificially leads you to obesity, chronic diseases and even cancer!

Name numerology effects natural cures for these disorders. It cures defects in monthly periods. Excess or insufficient bleeding is cured. Delays in attaining puberty are cured, after a perfect name change.

Numerology-Compatibility When Your Love Is True!

Power of Numbers

When you change your name by numerology, the power of numbers is at work. It invokes your ruling planets to transmit healing vibes to cure your disease. It makes your body to produce these hormones once again!

You'll find that many patients with depression are cured in this process. Many clients with diabetes & erectile dysfunction get good relief after name change. Many cases of infertility are also cured by numerology.

Name Comaptibility Guarantees Your Success!

Name Numerology Bestows
Divine Remedies!

Name numerology is your Most Natural Divine Remedy. It assures natural cures in incredible ways. Just like yoga cures a chronic illness, Name Correction works mysteriously to get rid of your incurable diseases.

Many such diseases are often cured by name correction. It must be done imparting the name with healing vibes. Inscrutable are the ways of God! Numerology restores your self healing by the Mercy of Divine Planets.

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Take Scientific Help

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We correct your signature, prescribe Lucky NumbersLucky Days, and Lucky Gems.  We confirm their accuracy by numerology, horary astrology, and with the Lecher Antenna to Ensure your Success!

Basic Concepts

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