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If You're Ruled By 3

If you are ruled by number 3, you have your best numerology compatibility in those born with 3.

It is best for you to have a life mate or lover with day no.3. Persons with Day No. 9 or Life No. 9 will suit you.

When your Day Number is No. 3 you can also select your life mate based on your Life Number.
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Love Life With 2 Persons

Love life with persons ruled by Day Number 2 will also be satisfactory. You should avoid persons who are born with Day No. 8, or Life Number 8.
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Numerology Compatibility
When You are Ruled By 4

If you are ruled by 4 the best choice for you  is a life mate ruled by no. 1.  You can also choose a life partner  with day number 8.  8 persons will suit you well.  If you wed a person ruled by 6 you are quite likely to strike rich.

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Ruled By 5

If you are ruled by 5, you will be naturally drawn towards persons of No. 5 and 9. You can marry a person born on 5 or 9.  Your love numerology compatibility and life mate numerology compatibilities are good.

But kindly take care to arrange your marriage on a lucky date favored by your life number. This is an important clue for a long and pleasant married life. This is very important when you select a 9 person as your life mate.

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Ruled By 5 & 5

If you are ruled by 5 and 5, you can marry those ruled by 1, 3, 6, and 9.  You will have good numerology compatibility.  But you have to note that persons ruled by 5 as day number have reduced chances for child birth.

This is all the more so if the life mate also has his or her day no. as 5.  In such a case, birth of children is much more doubtful. You can mitigate this negative effect of 5  by choosing a name ruled by a lucky name number.

If you and your life mate are both ruled by 5, then success of child birth is entirely dependent on your life number, and your name number.

Ruled By 6

If you are a 6 born, you will be instantly attracted by persons of number 6. Suppose you are ruled by 6 and 6, your best choice will be in 1, 4 or 9. Both your life mate and love numerology compatibilities will be good.

If your life mate is also ruled by 6, you will experience delay in getting children.  It depends on his or her life number.  Please note that  if the life number is 2, 7, or 8, there is no chance of getting children.

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More Daughters

If you are ruled by 6 as your day number, you can also marry a person ruled by day number 5.  You are likely to get daughters more than sons. 

Ruled By 7

If you are ruled by 7, your number makes you unfit for marriage.  You are not cut out for a married life.  The 7 borns usually purchase trouble by getting married.  Some how there is no understanding between partners.

Is it a rule that they should never marry?  Not so.  If you choose a perfect name according to numerology compatibility, the negative effects of 7 can be minimized. Persons ruled by No. 2 will make ideal life mates for you.

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Ladies With 7

The 7 born ladies to appear beautiful must have a good life number to support them.  If they have a good life number, they have pleasing beauty and looks.  They will get along well with life mates, ruled by number 2.

Matches For 7 Persons

If you are ruled by 7, you will find suitable matches among those with day number 4. You have to reinforce the bonds by choosing a lucky wedding day and also by having a lucky name ruled by your lucky number.

You have to strictly avoid the persons ruled by day number 8. They will not have the love numerology compatibility. You can  live well  with those ruled by 6. No. 7 warns you of  separation. It also delays the birth of kids.

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