Lecher Antenna  "Scientific   Uses  To Cure
Energy Field  Disorders"

Kannan M

Energy Transmissions

The Lecher Antenna measures Vibes of any substance. You can can use it to measure any thing.

All things be it Concrete or abstract emit vibrations! This instrument measures all such vibrations.

With it you can measure the vibes of any product, Your Gem Stone, your medicine, or your Bed Room.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Identifies The Good Or Evil
Vibrations In Your Names

You can as well use it to measure the good or evil vibes in your name. You can also use it to measure the alphabets and numbers within a name. You can find out a vibration which your body needs or what it rejects!

You can also transmit that vibe into your body like you transmit radio waves. You do it by quantum physics wireless communication methods.

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Measures Your Gemstones
And Jewelery

We use this antenna to check your gemstone is lucky for you. We also use it to check if the jewelery you have is lucky for you. We also check the purity of the gemstones and jewelery with this antenna.

If by chance you wear a negative object, that is, if you wear an object that emits evil vibrations, it will cut off your energy channels. In such cases we use this antenna to identify the source of negativity.

Identifies Source Of
Your Diseases

When you wear a negative object, it will pollute the energies in your body and it may cause many diseases. So it is important for us to identify the negative product and then we advise you to remove it.

Identifies Compatibility
Of Medicines

Lecher Antenna is highly useful in selecting medicines which suit you. Suppose you have headache and you go to your doctor. He prescribes a brand of paracetamol to you. Suppose it doesn't suit you.

Then you can ask him to suggest some other brands of paracetamol. You can use the antenna to scan the names of these brand names and the antenna will point out which brand will suit you most.

Like this you can choose the medicine which is good for you and reject those medicines which are not good for your health. This will help you to avoid the unwanted evil side effects of these negative medicines.

Distance Healing

You can do distance healing by such energy transmissions. The Sun transmits visible light which contains many frequencies to infinite distances at the speed of light. This antenna works in the same way.

The antenna attracts the energy vibrations in a medicine. It transmits these vibes through space to a remote patient, like electromagnetic radio transmissions. This is how it produces healing in the patient.

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Color Therapy

The Lecher Antenna is used for Color Therapy as well. It can identify, which color is missing in your body and transmit that color into your body energy fields, to restore your health and remove your disease.

The antenna does it by energy transmissions. In analogy, we are all products of remote transmissions of sun light from the Sun. Plants and animals live by sun light. We eat these plants or animals, for our living.

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In Graphology

You can use the Lecher-Antenna for measuring the positive and negative vibrations in your hand writing and signature. It can help you to identify and correct negative ways of writing and negative effects of a signature.

Graphology states that you write with your brain and not with your hand. Your hand writing and signature reflect your mental health. Correcting these, gives to you, somato-psychic healing effects on your personality.

In Building Science

You can use the Lecher's Antenna to identify the Hartmann Grid, Lay Lines, and Geopathic Aggressions from the Earth. You can perform remedial measures, and verify the cures, by measuring again with this antenna.

You can measure with the antenna, buildings for negative vibrations. You can measure aggressions from radio activity, cell phones, high tension wires, computers, and television monitors and effect the needed remedies.

Scientific Wonder

The Lecher Antenna is a scientific wonder. It helps an allopathic doctor when he is confused on which brand of an antibiotic suits his patient. The antenna tunes into his energy fields and points out the correct brand.

It identifies imbalances in your heredity and genetics. It identifies which organ in your body is disconnected from your brain and repairs that disconnection. It is helpful in curing many of the incurable diseases.

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