Name Numerology for No. 6 What No. 6 Means To You?

Born To Rule

Name Numerology for No. 6 stands out for Planet Venus. It makes you dominate, rule, and control others.

6 makes you charming, lovable, & attractive. You command obedience & respect from all folks around you.

The artist in 6 numerology makes you fond of dance, music sessions, television serials, and film shows. 

Exercise Power

You order around and rule. Surrounded by servants, you lead  a luxurious life. Some one is always waiting for your beck and call. Some one is always looking for your help. You are gifted with name, fame, and riches!

Why Traditional Numerology Fails?

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Who is ruled by No. 6?
Name Numerology

As per name numerology If you are born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th, of any month, you are ruled by No. 6 and Planet Venus.  You are also ruled by Venus  and 6, if your Life Number or Name Number happens to be 6.

If your Life number alone is 6, you will attain to the qualities of No. 6 in due course of your life, and attain greatness.  If your name number alone is 6, you gradually transform your life to a status of comforts and luxury.

Born To Enjoy

Numerology for 6 makes you love all attractive things. You love all things beautiful. You consider this life is to be fully enjoyed. You want to enjoy every pleasure. You extract work from others to achieve your goals.

Numerology for 6, makes you enjoy all pleasures. If you are a woman, you get a wealthy  husband and enjoy through him.  If you are a man, you get a rich wife and enjoy through her. You work tirelessly to make money.

Born With Gifts

Name numerology for No. 6 makes you a great artist, actor, orator, or politician. You easily govern and rule experts, even though you do not have their knowledge. You are helped by others to come up in your life.

Numerology for 6 makes you excel in mantra, tantra and shastras. You are an expert in Tapas or sacrifice to please the Gods and eke out their favors. You are good to  friends. You are kind even to perfect strangers.

Not Grateful To All

Name numerology for 6 makes others to help you, but you do not always reciprocate. You make false promises, and  fail to keep them.  Others do thankless jobs for you. You are always careful about your money.

Numerology for 6 makes you give less and take more from others who serve you. Even if you make a sacrifice, there will be a financial motive behind that.  You will calculate profits and then only start any thing.

Love Colorful Life

Name numerology for 6 makes you decorate your home with attractive things.  You like well kept gardens and swimming pools.  You like to be surrounded by women.  Even if you are a man, you love ornaments.

Numerology for 6 makes you spend money on costly and beautiful things. You easily bribe others with nice gifts and sweet talk. You are an expert in accumulating wealth using others talents, to make your life beautiful.

Born To Be  Lucky

Name Numerology for No. 6 makes you born lucky. You are  attractive which makes others like you. You have  many good talents. You persist in your efforts and achieve success. You purchase success at any cost.

Numerology for 6 makes you enjoy others' work and sacrifice. You are gifted with great riches and wealth. You live in a grand luxury. You can not imagine a life with out servants, who are always present to obey you.

If No. 6 is Afflicted

Name numerology for 6, if afflicted makes you a confidence trickster.  You cheat others very boldly. People knowingly get themselves cheated by you. You speak sweet and attractive words to delude and cheat them.

Numerology for 6 when afflicted, makes you enter the fields of medicine, religion, mantra shastra about which you know nothing. But you pretend to know every thing, speak lies, cruelly cheat others, and make a living.

Name Number 6

Name Numerology for 6 makes you successful in what ever you do. The powerful influence of No. 6 and Planet Venus come to help you to attain success. You are not afraid of failures. You boldly try again.

When you don't have a correct name, If your day or life No. is 7, 8 or 4, it  will badly affect you. Hence you should go to an expert and correct your name in 6 series in a number that resonates in lucky wavelengths.

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