Numerology For Persons
Ruled By Number 7

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Do You Have No. 7?

If your are born on 7, 16, or 25 in any month, you are ruled by numerology of Day Number 7.

You are also ruled by 7, if your Life No. is 7. It makes you a recluse, philosopher, or a religious person.

You are also ruled by 7 if your Name No. is 7 or If you marry on a day with Day or Compound No. 7.
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Numerology For 7
Not So Lucky

As far as luck is concerned, seven ruled persons can not be lucky. Indeed they are not lucky in spite of their mental caliber. If at all success comes to them, it is only after a lot of hard work, struggle and disappointments.
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Eludes Success

If you are ruled by numerology number 7, success eludes you in all your endeavors. Many persons fail and end up doing trivial jobs. Many others live with unfulfilled desires and ambitions.

The 7 Ruled persons are gifted with greater will power. Because of high mental acumen, they speak very little. They can be good leaders but they make poor followers. They can not see eye to eye with you or others.
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No Love Lost

Number 7 makes you moody even with close persons. You become short tempered. Hence, you have few friends. You do not enjoy marital life. You tend to live separately or obtain divorce.

The seven born ladies are seldom graced by beauty. Often, the feminine charms are missing. They too find marriage a trial and feel unhappy in married lives. The rest lead lack luster lives of no marital charms.
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Toil For others

The numerology number 7 makes your altruistic ambitions much more successful than your ambitions for own profit. In short 7 sees to it that you'll succeed only if you work for others, than for your own profit.

The seven persons have great powers of the mind and intellect. The number 7 is ruled by Kethu who signifies Wisdom. The 7 born are usually religious and inclined to be great thinkers and philosophers.
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