Name Numerology Meanings
For Number 9 
What 9 Means To You?

Mars And No. 9

In Name Numerology, No. 9 stands for Mars. You have 9 numerology, if your Day, Life, or Name No. is 9.

If you a fight for a cause, rebel against an oppression, and fight for your country, you are ruled by 9.

You shine  as a technician, excel as a chemist, a doctor, or a lawyer. You can also lead the armed forces.

Some Thing Special

No. 9  is the highest in the series 1 to 9.   If you multiply any number with  9,  all resulting numbers reduce to 9.

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Uniqueness Of No. 9
Name Numerology

No. 9 has a unique Name Numerology.  If you 2 + 9, the  total is 11, which is 1+1= 2.  If you add 8 + 9 the total 17 is (1+7)= 8.  Any number added to 9 ends up as the same after reduction. 9 is unique in this aspect.
9 numerology  is also unique in multiplication.  If you multiply any number with 9, the result  reduces to 9, if you add up the component numbers of the product.  For example, 9 X 7=63 and if you add 6+3, you get back 9.

Effect of 9 with 8

No. 9 is good in its  name numerology.  When it joins with 8, it makes you a criminal, gangster, or it kills you in an  accident. 8 is a killer. I give you an instance to prove the effect of 9 & 8. See it here below

See how 9 in 72 is spoiled by 8.  Can you believe that a number with 10 digits and 9 eights has killed all its 3 owners within 10 years?  It is 0 888 888 888. This is what 8 will do to any one or you. It was a cell phone No.

Who is ruled by No. 9?
Name Numerology

As per name numerology, If you are born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th, of any month, know that you are ruled by 9 and Planet Mars.  You are also ruled by Mars and No. 9, if your Life Number or Name Number is  9.

As per 9 numerology, If your Life No. is 9, you will attain to the status shown by 9, by  the day to day qualities of your Day No.  If your Day  No.  alone is  9, you develop the qualities for  9 moderated by your Life No.

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Live With Dangers

Name Numerology for No. 9 depicts the 9 born as  a man who walks with the torch of intelligence, in a road full of blood stains, not seeing the snake below his feet.  It tells you that your life is fraught with dangers.

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Gifted With Courage

Numerology for No. 9 makes you a born fighter.  You don't  know what fear is.  9 numerology makes You an embodiment of courage.  You possess excellent resilience and endurance.  You persist in your efforts to succeed.

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The Fighter

Numerology for 9 fills your life with struggles. You struggle against poverty, oppression, cruelty and authority. You are the tiller, the plumber, the machinist, the carpenter, the farmer, the doctor & the scientist.

9 Numerology makes you fight against the old order and create a new one.  You construct buildings, dams, and bridges. You also bomb & destroy these in an emergency or in war. You're the back bone of any civilization.

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The Patriot

Name numerology for 9, makes you love your country.  You also love your society.  9 Numerology makes you help  your fellow citizens.  You sacrifice for your Nation. You fight for the rights and freedom of your countrymen.

The Warrior

Name numerology for No. 9,  makes you join the army, navy, or the air force.  At least,  you try to become a police officer.  You like  hot fighting scenario.  You like to handle  the fire arms, machine guns,  and bombs.

9 Numerology makes you obey rules and you also demand  obedience.  You fight for your honor. You sacrifice your life for your country. You fight for any public cause like Mahatma Gandhi, also ruled by Life No. 9.

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Cool And Intelligent

Name Numerology for 9, gives you a sharp intellect.  You are cool in any crisis.  9 numerology makes you hide your feelings.  But you plan secretly to defeat your enemies. You weigh all the pros and cons and strike to win.

You find many scholars and philosophers ruled by No. 9. Numerology for No. 9, makes you fit to be a clever politician. You can be a successful minister for external affairs. You'll also make an effective  ambassador.

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Inviting Trouble

When you are less lucky, 9 numerology makes you betray your emotions and engage in quarrels. You generate enemies like this. You waste your energies in emotions of hatred.  You waste time and money in fights.

If 9 numerology is afflicted, it  gives you feelings of hurt pride.  You are charged with greed and jealousy.  You brood on your weaknesses and on your enemies. You burst with anger. You become a nasty street fighter.

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Rare Knowledge

Numerology for 9 makes you an expert chemist.  You are good at rare inventions.  9 numerology gives you  deep insights into chemistry and medicine.  You exhibit your special powers, when 9 is exalted.

When Afflicted

Name Numerology for 9 demands that it should not be polluted by bad associations of No. 2, 4, 7 or 8.  When 9 is afflicted by your day number or name number, you are rude. You acquire bad traits and evil habits.

When 9 numerology is afflicted, you turn arrogant and commanding.  You dictate terms.  You are filled with lust.  You get addicted to drugs and alcohol.  You take pleasure in torturing and hurting others.

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Name Number 9

As per name numerology, you can have your name organized in the pure vibrations of No. 9, when your day number is 1, 3, or 9, or when your life number is 1, 3 or 9.  You should not have your name in No. 2, 4, 7 or 8.

It is in such situations, that you  must correct 9 numerology by making your  name vibrate in perfect harmony with your day and life numbers.   Get it corrected  by an expert, who can measure your name vibrations.

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