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Recipes For Success

Numerology Compatibility decides success or failure in your marriage.

If you want success in married life, you have to follow the cardinal rules. Neglect them and you will meet with bitterness, and divorce.

We have given below, the best guide lines to be followed to have success in marriage.
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We have classified all persons according to their Day Numbers. In this classification, we shall start with persons ruled by Day Number 1.

Why Traditional Nameology Fails?

Your Numerology Love

If your Day Number is 1, it is better for you to avoid a life mate ruled by 1. Both will be adamant in your views. You can not get along. You will find only those ruled by No. 4, 2 & 8 compatible to you, in that order.

Best Match in 4 & 8

A partner with 8 will be dear to you and yielding. She or he holds you as very dear. As 8 is unlucky, you must offset its bad luck by having a lucky name & lucky wedding date. A spouse with 4 will make an ideal partner.
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Numerology Compatibility
Risk Of Separation

Persons ruled by 1 will be dictatorial with their life mates, and this causes bitterness in relationship. They frequently go away from the spouse. If the numbers are weak, they may seek legal separation, or divorce.

If persons ruled by 1 become famous, they tend to mentally drift away from their life mates. Pride, arrogance and self seeking nature, will spoil their intimacy, and will lead to living their own ways like strangers.
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Use Lucky Number

This is why, you must ensure compatibility between your day number and that of the ruling numbers of the wedding date. This prevents bad luck with 8 persons and ego problems with the life mate.

Know for certain that you should never get married on dates ruled by 5, 7, 8, or 4, as the Day Number, or the Compound Number. I have myself witnessed cheating, living like cats & dogs, & tragedies in their lives.
Choose Your Numerology Love Match

3, 5, & 6 Lack Intimacy

If you are ruled by 1, you find a person born on 3, 5, or 6 compatible to you as a life mate. You will have a comfortable life, but you will lack the intimacy. Persons ruled by 4, and 8 will be very affectionate with you.

Day Number 2

If you are ruled by number 2 as your day number, you find a natural affinity for a person ruled by number 7. He will make an ideal life mate. Despite differences, life will be sweet due to numerology compatibility.
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8 And 9 Unlucky

Be wary of persons ruled by 8. There is no numerology love compatibility. They may even harm you. Both of you will suffer. Those ruled by 9 will not suit you as well. Avoid both as there is no numerology compatibility.

Beware of Family Courts

Ruled by 2, you will be highly imaginative and moody. Your spouse will not have the same wave length. You will have a turbulent life. You are most likely to be dragged to court for marital issues.

Love At First Sight

Ruled by imagination, you will easily fall in love. But your relations will have peaks and troughs in love life. You can not continuously love any one for long times. Numerology compatibility attracts you to 1 and 7.
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