Name Numerology Of Film Stars
Their Past & Present Names

Kannan M

Film Star Names

When movie stars change their names as per name numerology, it is not for fun. It is business.

They believe 100% in what they do. They believe a Name Change can make them rich and famous!

And an accurate name change will shape them up as great Super Stars in the movie business world.

Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Actor Rajnikanth

It is common knowledge that most of the famous film stars began their lives in abject poverty. Super Star Rajanikanth was a bus conductor in Bangalore working for a very low salary!

When he came to Madras (now known as Chennai)he was almost starving for a cup of tea! He got his break when he met his sponsor The Great Director K. Balachander!

He changed his name from Shivaji Rao to Rajnikanth and made him a super hit in Tamil Cinema! The stylish actor earned his Title Super Star after giving several Box Office Hit Movies in succession.

Some Doubts cleared On Film Star Names
How To Maximize Your Luck

Actor Nagesh

Same was the case with Actor Nagesh! He was practically unknown in the film industry and he had to walk in and out of several production Studios without any success.

As luck would have it, he met The Great director Balachander! He discovered the hidden talents in Nagesh and shaped him as a very successful actor.

Actor Kamal Hassan

The versatile actor Kamal Hassan was another find of K. Balachander! He too had very modest beginnings when he came to Madras. He was just walking the streets aimlessly without any success.

Balachander brought out the best talents hidden in Kamal Hassan. It turned out he was an acting genius and he could perform any role with great success! He got the coveted award Padma Shri.

The Merits Of Name

These Film Stars understand name numerology and its merits. They make the best use of this branch of numerology. It is to them like a parachute to a sky diver. Or like the rubber float to a drowning man!

Tamil Film Stars And
Their Lucky Names

Here you have a list of famous film stars in the South, who changed their names as per numerology. They all became extremely successful in the film industry. They attained their Fame and Glory by this Divine Science!

Original Names

New Names

Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar


John Kennedy


Saravanan Sivakumar


Viluppuram Chinnaiahpillai Ganesan

Sivaji Ganesan

Asha Kelunni


Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju

Raj Kumar

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad

Rajini Kanth

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao

N T Rama Rao

Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair


Marudur Gopalamenon Ramachandran


Jasmine Mary Joseph

Meera Jasmine

Muhammad Kutty


Lalita Rani

Jaya Pradha

Jayaram Jayalalitha

J Jayalalithaa

Ramasamy Ganesan

Gemini Ganesan

Konidela Siva Shankara Vara Prasad


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