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Numerology Calculations

Kannan M

Traditional System

You can use astrology to predict events in anyone's life. You can tell when these events will fructify.

But when you use its traditional system for predictions you fail miserably since It is not scientific.

The pitfalls of the traditional system are many. There are 1000s of rules and several 1000s of exceptions.
Lakshmi Jeya Swaruoopa

Predictions Differ

That is why there is a saying that no two astrologers agree in their predictions. Moreover the birth time is usually incorrect. Then how can the horoscope made for that time be correct? It will certainly be wrong.

If you use horary system according to the concepts of modern stellar astrology, you can make accurate predictions. You can answer any question in the horary system.
It gives infallible results.

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Astrology In The
Case Of Twins

The traditional astrology fails in the case of twin births. The two are born with a few minutes difference. The horoscopes are almost the same. If you predict for them, your prediction is the same for each of these twins.

But in many cases, the twins experience diametrically opposite results. What if one is a boy and the other is a girl? The number of brothers and sisters differ for both. The nature and timing of their events also differ.

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Fails To Explain

Even when both are boys, traditional system fails. One lives long. The other dies early. One gets married. The other remains unmarried. One falls sick. The other is healthy. One stays pious. The other is wicked.

You cannot explain such differences by traditional system if you adopt it blindly. In ancient times, astrologers didn't have calculators. They made rapid calculations in their minds & gave uncanny accurate predictions.
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Kept It Secret

They did it by super mental abilities, using traditional astrology. They sub divided zodiac into tiny zones, giving different cusps for their twelve houses. This resulted in two horoscopes, enabling different predictions.

These sages did not reveal the methods of their lightning fast mental calculations. They did not leave a back up. But the today's astrologer fails since he lacks their mental skills and uses blindly the traditional method.

The Controversy

In traditional system you can not know the correct time of birth. Some say it is when the head comes out. Some say it is when the entire body comes out. The mid wife can hear it wrong, or record it incorrectly.

Therefore with natal birth charts you mostly get wrong predictions. When you use horary methods you avoid these pitfalls. You get meticulously accurate results by using horary astrology which is very scientific.

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Horary System

In horary system you sub divide the zodiac into 249 zones in stead of the 12 in the traditional method. You do it according to the Vimshottary Dasa system which assigns different years for each of the nine planets.

With such a fine sub division which is in accordance with the traditional system, you are able to erect different horoscopes even when the time interval is just a few minutes. You get correct and accurate predictions.

The Method

The time taken for erecting the horary horoscope is the same as in the Western method. You have to take the time of judgment. As you are the person who judges, you can not make a mistake in noting the time.

You erect the horary horoscope based on a number given by your client when he makes a query. It is any number between 1 and 249. This No. defines the position of the ascendant & other cusps for the 12 houses.

Confirms Accuracy

In horary astrology you can verify if the time of birth is accurate or not. You can verify the correctness of your name & your name number. You can confirm the correctness of your lucky gems, lucky numbers, & days.

If we make mistakes in your numerology calculations, these will be at once revealed to us by the horary system. Hence we can confidently give a new name to a client who comes to us for Name Correction.
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