A Real Life Story Of No. 8
Name Numerology

by shweta vij
(Dubai ,U.A.E)

I have my story in name numerology of No. 8. I am Shweta Vij. I was born on 26th August 1972 on a Saturday.

It is quite strange that I came upon your website by chance again on this day which is 26th of January (number 8)and I am writing about my self.

I was really wondering why this 8 does not leave me. All events good or bad happen to me either on the 8th or 4th of any month.

Be it a promotion or an accident, Be it any visa issuance on my passport, or my travel dates to any country, it has has to be on the 8th or the 4th.

Lucky enough for me I got married on the 23rd of April this year (No. 5) but my husband's number is very much 4. Even this job i am in presently i had joined on the 8th of November last year.

Why is it happening? I am tired of all this. If I tell anyone no body will believe me. But really I have to struggle a lot for each and every penny I make. Whereas others around me get everything so easily.

Monetarily in my whole life 2008 was a fantastic year for me but I lost everything by investing in For-ex in 2009. So i am again back to square one.

Comments by Kannan M

Mark the words "I have to struggle for every penny I make." and "I lost every thing by investing in forex in 2009".

This is what happens in the name numerology of 8 in every one's life. Sooner or later 8 or Saturn strikes you, but surely he strikes.

That is why you must have a perfect, flawless name to counter act the evil effects of Saturn and No. 8's Name Numerology.

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Name Numerology

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Aug 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

It is said 8, 17,and 26 belong to Saturn's number, but as per my experience, I find single number 8 is the worst. I suffer by 8 more than from the compound number 17 and 26. The compound number has effect of two planets hence the bad effect diminishes, or reduces. But nevertheless effect of Saturn cannot be warded off. I wish to add more, but I am in a hurry to go.

Apr 25, 2010
by: Alok

I believe in the No. 8 effect on every one's life.I was born on 8.8.1973. Every important event of my life is related with No. 8 and 4. My wife is a No. 4. She was born on 22.4.1980. I have to work hard always and we have to strive and pay a lot even to gain small things.

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