Am I Doing Well Though Born
With 6 & 6 Numerology

by Anonymous

I have a question with my name numerology. Well the changes in my life is a bit neutral the way I see it. Expected results are not as concrete.

Only thing holding me back barring me from giving my best is that I am finding it hard to get into a profession which I love doing passionately. As a result my full potential & credibility is not utilized.

Reply by Kannan M

Your birth numbers are the best numbers as per name numerology. But these numbers will work only if you have the most perfect name. The double B in your name is the reason for your failures. Even the name with single B is unlucky.

The second name Madhok implies evil hidden meanings of Mad and Hawk. That is bad phonology which causes bad luck and affects your character and thinking capacities. It is a serious defect in name numerology. It makes your name and your life unlucky.

You have spoiled the benefits of your 6 & 6 by having a defective name name numerology. That is why you do not get scope in your career in utilize your potentials.

Therefore I advise you to correct your name as per my scientific system of numerology and you will be far more successful.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

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With 6 & 6 Numerology

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Oct 31, 2011
Who is Lucky?
by: Kannan M

Many ask me what is luck and who can be called lucky as peer the tenets of name numerology.

One who gets scope to utilize his full potentials, one who earns more than what he deserves, one who is very healthy though he has lots of evil habits, one who gets things done in a moments call, one who gets the most beautiful girl friends and wife though he is ugly,

One who gets all the affection from every one in the world though he may be an autocratic merciless dictator, one who does more work in less time, one who shines as a super star even though he has no real acting talents, and

one who gets all the best opportunities knocking at his door again and again by name numerology, one who gets the Blessings of God due to his past good deeds, and one who gets God Realization in this very birth is lucky. Is every one like that and can that person call himself lucky?

Among these good things what you want will come and stick to you if your name is perfect as per name numerology.

Oct 31, 2011
Reply not satisfactory
by: Anonymous

As I already asked what lies in store for me as per name numerology? Predict some facts about me. That remains unreplied

This is not an astrology site to give predictions about your past or future. I can only tell you what your name numerology is as per birth numbers and what your name means to you. I have done that well enough and my duty ends there.

And why should I come looking for help?

The very fact that you made and filled out a form submission in my website shows that you needed help in your name numerology. If I knew that you wanted to play with me, test my knowledge, or ask for free predictions, I would have never replied to your submission. I am not sitting idle to attract people with free predictions.

If I say your name is unlucky it will cause you untold miseries and grief one day and at that time you will understand why you should come out once again rushing for help.

I also don't understand why you labelled me unlucky because it will be erroneous if I examine my present state.

You may be a billionaire but yet you can be the most unlucky as per concepts of name numerology. Life is not judged lucky or unlucky by money alone. If you do not derive 100% benefits of why God Created you, I call you unlucky. And that is the truth. One day you will realize it when it is too late.

At this point every opportunity what appears normal might be exciting for others. As I am already past through these stages it's not of much interest to me.

People correct names as per my system of name numerology at the age of 75 and 80 to spend and live the remaining years hassle free, worry free, and disease free. When you make a submission in my site it asks for help and that is what I have done by guiding you in the right way.

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