Birth Path And Life Path In
6 & 6 Name Numerology

by D.Ezhilan
(Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India)

Initially my name was D.Ezhilan as peer name numerology in 31. About my birth chart in brief : Kumba (saturn) lagna. As rasi : cancer. Star:Pusya. own houses: Guru, Moon, and Mars.

I have felt many downs in my life as my name number is not correct. As my name number is 4, I cannot lead a good life. I became myself as a self numerologist only after my age 21.

But I am not an astrologer or anything.

I would like to change my name to 1 or 6. But I am still in confusion. Because My surname is Dayalan which is 16 according to numerology. I want to have my name 51. Like 35 + 16 =51.

I am not sure that Saturn planet can work friendly with Kethu planet to produce Venus results effectively.

When I was born my mum and dad left me in their mum's home and I don't have good relationship with my family members and even with my own elder brother.

As Mr.Kannan said like "if you are born on 6 & 6 What if you don't have a Good numerology name?" in your post on name numerology. I have a strong desire to become a famous person in some field.

Reply by Kannan M

It is a pity that you have a name in 35 + 16 = 51. First of all 51 does not suit you at all. Secondly to have two evils in your numerology name like 35 and 16 is sheer madness and suicide.

Even if you are good in name numerology you should not correct your name all by yourself. A doctor should not treat himself. He must consult another specialist. Likewise you must take expert help.

You people go only by numbers.

You miss the main message in my web site which says bookish name numerology is old, out dated, foolish, and suicidal. I have got so many modern scientific methods to give a perfect numerology name.

Take expert help by applying through the contact page in this web site and save yourself from tragedies. I have 46 years of experience in numerology. I have famous clients from over 178 countries.

Unfortunately I can not reveal their names due to professional ethics in this web site. And as they are famous they will not permit me.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

Comments on 6-01-2011

My name is Amrutha Rajkumar & I have a birth path and life path numbers as 6 & 6. Can you please confirm if my name is correct.

Reply By Kannan M

I checked your name by my scientific tests. It fails in every test. Sorry. You have to correct your name.

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6 & 6 Name Numerology

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Jul 03, 2020
Name suggestions NEW
by: Parimala

Hi,, i have to keep my 3 old baby name,,is life path number is 6,, according to life path number which number is good for my son ,, and i have selected some names which name Good for life path 6
The are,,
3.sakeeth or sakeeti
Please reply me

Jun 01, 2018
Suggest NEW
by: Kunal Shiinde

Born on 23 dec, life path no 4 and name number total is also 5..i wants to change my name number to 6. Just for the filmy works. Pls suggest me

Feb 27, 2018
Important on changing name NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a name which doesn't suit my attributes because I was born on 23 which total up to five and my destiny number is one and my name number totals up to 39 I faced lot of struggles from childhood from accident to career now I am planning to opt for a new name I have chosen to good number 19 as first name and 23 as second which total up to 42 so as a day number with five and destiny number with one could this new number would work wonders for me

Dec 22, 2016
Suggestion NEW
by: Mattin Khan

Hello Sir,

my birth date is 28/09/1967 and my actual name Mateenullah Khan, till 2003 i was using this name and i have faced failure in almost every thing but i made a small home i got married but my job was not so good, after 2003 (someones suggestion) i started writng Mattin Khan, that was better change in my life but after certain year still same.

kindly suggest.

Aug 31, 2015
changing my name number NEW
by: Vijaykanth naroju

my life path number is 6, my name number is 49, i want to change my name number to 51, please help me, number 51 works for me or not

Jun 01, 2015
about my business suscess NEW
by: chetan ambaliya


my full name is chetan babubhai ambaliya
birth date 06/04/1978
i want to make a new fabric printing business and i desided to start with name oscar export..

pls reply me if any problem with me in became sucess

in business..

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