Chaldean Vs Chinese Numerology
Is Number 8 Lucky or Not?

by vishar tep
(Californa U.S.)

When I study Chinese numerology and then come back to the Chaldean I am confused. They give different opinions on 8.

Kindly help people like me who study numerology over the net and do not know what to do.

I have 8 as my day 2 as my life and 8 as my name how can I protect myself and bring health and wealth. Help me PLEASE.

Reply by Kannan M

More than the number the collective vibes of the alphabets are important to decide your name if it is lucky or not.

In Chinese numerology a name in number 8 will be lucky as the Chine alphabets contain architectural beauty. Hence these names in 8 give out lucky vibrations.

Even Chinese and Japanese take my help for their numerology.

Because I am equipped with high tech scientific instruments to measure the vibes of the names in any language.

You can not have a Chinese name. You are bound by the English.

Therefore if you want to lead a really lucky life come to me and correct your name.

You can do it by visiting the contact us page in this web site. Fill in your particulars and send it to me. I shall take care of the rest.

The Big Difference

Other numerologists give names by blind belief by out dated bookish numerology. It is quite useless for you.

But we design our names by scientific methods by numerology, astrology, Bio Energetics, tests with Lecher Antenna and energy measurement readings on the energy meter Acmograph.

Hence you get sure luck and prosperity when you come to us.

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