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Number 8 Is Lucky

You keep saying that 8 is unlucky as per name numerology. But one of my friends has her day number 8 and destiny number 8. And her total name number is in 45. Yet she is very lucky. She is born in a rich family. She enjoys an enviable and luxurious life.

She has good friends good relations. She commands respect in the society. How it is possible. Can you please explain this?

Reply by Kannan M

According to name numerology, 8 is a pure number. When combined with other good numerology numbers, it can give you a well respected and prosperous life.

But if it is afflicted by 8 or 7 in your name or in your birth date numerology, it becomes evil or unlucky.

To have number 8 is like to have a sword hanging above your head. Any time it may strike. Like wise, those who are happy with 8 now will regret tomorrow when they meet with an accident or calamity, if they manage to survive and come out in one piece.

Swami Sivananda was born with 8/5 name numerology and he was a world famous Saint. In the process of becoming a saint, he lived like a beggar, suffered indignities, and liked that kind of life.

You can correct the bad luck of 8and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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