Cheiro Was Right About
Name Numerology of 8

by Dory

I studied Cheiro Name Numerology for 7 years. He saved my life from ever since. I started studying after someone tried to frame me when my daughter was 2 years and I was 26.

My father died when I was 17. When I was 36 I had a severe spine injury and at 44 a dentist committed malpractice on me.

There is quite a big list of such unfortunate events connected with 8 numerology in my life.

My numerology birthdate has 4 and my life path numerology is 8. And my name total is a 3. My father's relatives started calling me a by a different name.

But I was also called by my first and middle names together and that is a 41. When my father died I dropped use of my middle name and the total of the first and last names was a 53=8.

I have a Mc Surname that was originally Mac. So I don't count the extra "a". I have a friend who gave me a 14 nickname.

I also worked with Pythagorean Numerology and the Hermetic systems to understand numerology better.

I finally figured out what the different systems are used for.

I remember Cheiro in his name numerology number meanings saying that any combination of the 4,8 and 9 spells disasters of all kinds.

Reply by Kannan M

Well. You are a great student of numerology. You study numerology in its different systems and you always find that only the Chaldean numerology used by Cheiro gives the correct numerology meanings.

But remember Cheiro visited India, got trained under Indian Sages and Savants, and found the fact that Vedic Numerology was the origin of Chaldean Numerology.

I congratulate you on your numerology knowledge and I wish that you know about the latest developments on the subject.

In my system of numerology, i do vibration measurements, examine numerology love compatibility, and verify if a name is really lucky by horary astrology and more rigorous scientific studies.

I subject a name to the numerology test on an energy meter called acmograph. I measure the name's luck with the Lecher Antenna which measures the most subtle vibrations present in occult numerology.

I approve a name as lucky only when it passes all these tests.

I wish you also use my system to correct your own name. If you do that you will will get a far better perfect name which makes you more lucky and successful. You can use it for your kids, family, and friends.

For that you have to apply in the contact page of this most loved and best website on name numerology.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Name Numerology of 8

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Nov 30, 2017
Need help for 1 NEW
by: Himanshu shekhar

My Destiny Number & life path number is 1 & my birth day is in August so Leo=1, but my name adds to 53=8, don't know what's my future but I am struggling & alone... Unable get stability in life.. Even 2017 is the worst year of my life... Anybody please Help.

Mar 20, 2017
Is my name in Tune with my DOB NEW
by: Varshin

HI Kannan Sir, i Am Varshin born on 25/12/1986 at 6:05 AM. I just want to know whether my name is in resonance with the Date of Birth because it adds upto 23 and according to Chaldean System of Numerology it means "Royal Star of A Lion". So is it in tune with the Date of Birth i have or should i go for the correction. Since in your blog you say people with 7 7 combination should opt their name combination of 2, 5 and 6. Yeah i also understand the vibes are important according to our DOB. But i am thinking if the name is good why to go for correction again, Please let me know if the name vibes are good or should i change it.

Also please let me know, whether a calling name is enough to get the good results or the whole name matters in getting good results. because most of the times people call the first names only so is it enough in judging the vibes for a person.

Dec 21, 2016
by: Anonymous


SEPT 15/2018
SEPT 22/2018
OCT 6/2018
OCT 13/2018
OCT 20/2018
NOV 10/2018


Sep 14, 2016
Cheiro wrong about calling Name NEW
by: Balisetty Madhusudana

My Name is Balisetty Madhusudana
Birth number-2
Destiny number-2
Calling Number-2
Here those are CORRELATION.
Hence I am the Luckiest person according to Cheiro.
But I suffer Health Disorders somany
years,present also Included Financial problems.
So how is the correct method Cheiro? Or
Even also I have changed my Name is
Dasri Madhusudana!
Please give me clarification, and remedies!
I research the Birth horoscops above 20years,,I thought anything not Dilute the Birth chart!

Sep 14, 2016
calling Name presence _Not correct! NEW
by: Balisetty Madhusudana

My Name is Balisetty Madhusudana.
My DOB:02-12-1977
My birth number-2;
My Destiny number ;2
And also My calling name-2(Madhu).
According to Cheiro
My birth number+destiny number+ calling Name
is Same as (correlation) He is a Most Luckiest
But I struggled with so many problems !
Number of years I suffer Health Disorder, present
Also including Financial problems.
What about you and Cheiro?
How is I am the Luckiest person?

Apr 04, 2016
numerolgy 8 NEW
by: Anonymoumays

i was born on 8. life path 6. total name is 44 also comes to 8. my whole life is full mental stress dufferings sickness n setbacks. being misunderstood for being kind n no gratitude shown no matter wat i do e for evryone. beliexe is so true tat 8 is a kille number n i cant escape from destiny. the subject 8 had alot misfortune in it as i observe no 8 people are unfortunate in life. success always slip by n sickness alot. m kanan is correct in wat u say about under saturn influence rule by lord rahu i tink. cheiro is correct too but u did more scienctific research in tis 8 number i M more worried of lTer life now as i getting more depress daily. pls help to revert my destiny i want to have a sholesome life and do contribution before my life end meaningless. tq

Mar 11, 2016
motamuti NEW
by: ricky james

this is somethng new i heard

Feb 12, 2016
Name Numerology for number 2 born NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi sir,
I'm a Number 2 person (2 & 3).
May I have a name in number one series? (especially in 37)
Because, My First name represent 29 and Full name represent 32.
If i change a single letter it will come as:
First Name - 37, Full Name - 37

(Additional Info: My signature (a reduced name part) represent 23.)

Please suggest me sir.
Thank you.

Sep 15, 2015
no 8 does not mean it is inauspicious always. NEW
by: Anonymous

8 denotes Saturn.If Saturn placed badly in your horoscope then Name number should not be total 8.
there are several instances that having name no 8 prosper greatly in life.

Aug 02, 2014
number 9 NEW
by: paulo

Cheiro never used full birthdate only the day.I was born on 9 january and like he said the 8 and 4 appear a lot in my life.Not really good at times

May 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

I am a "4" this has proven fortunate to live under. 8 has been diastrous. 3s and 4s have featured significantly in my life in both fortunate and unfortunate happenings. My total name value is "3", unfortunately my middle name Mary by which I am usually called is an "8" I tried without success to change it when I was younger.

Oct 29, 2013
Misery due to 'EK' sound or 8 lifepath NEW
by: Vivek

Mr. Kannan M,

Currently I am a director of a company which belongs to my family. I was born on 03.06.1988 with a 8 lifepath and had a decent childhood. But everything started to fall apart after I went abroad & entered the university. I lost contact with all of my friends, people in the university started to spit on my face and used me for their work. I Lost my self respect and I was cornered from the whole society.
Even when I returned home the same bad luck followed me everywhere I went. I was cornered in the society and nobody noticed my existence. But I fought hard and finished my education successfully. But even now as I works in my family company I face the same bad luck with my employees. All the People in the world uses me and corner me. They cut me from the society.
While I'm going through all these I came across your amazing website. And I think that the problem for my suffering is because of 'Ek' sound in my first name. 'Ek' means single and it cornered me from the society, because of this sound I was unable to make friends. But as I go deeper into the matter I reckon that their are also successful people with 'Ek' sound. So I would like to know whether it is because of other lucky combinations in their lives that they are lucky and successful. And I would like to know whether because 'Ek' is an evil sound vibration that I had to go through so much suffering torturing my heart day in and day out, Or is it because of my 8 life path.

Apr 25, 2013
Was Cheiro wrong ? NEW
by: Anonymous

Cheiro says that 3 and 6 are compatible but according to the astrology they are not. So Cheiro was wrong ?

Nov 24, 2011
Not lucky-combination 8-9-4
by: Igor B.

My birthdate is 17.11.1979.

You have 8 & 9. for this your name is not lucky. Kindly apply for name correction through the contact us page.

Nov 22, 2011
Not lucky-combination 8-9-4
by: Igor B.

I am a beginner in name numerology and and I really like your site Mr.Kannan!

As I am progressing in learning it. I found the reason why I am not so happy in my life. I am born on November 17, my Lifepath is 9, and my Expression (destiny)number in Chaldean (and Pit.) numerology is 4.

So,combination 8,9 and 4.

I find out that Chiero recommends changing name and using lucky numbers 1,3,5 and 6 instead of 8. I would like to know which is better to choose?

Nr.6 as my lucky number or number 5? Is it more important that Life path and name number get along or is more important that day number and name number get along better?

I hope you can answer me that!

For this I have to analyze your best name from hundreds of name selections. I need all your details. Kindly apply through the contact us page in this web site and not in this comments section.

Thnax and have a nice day!

Igor B.

Nov 01, 2011
About the table of the numbers of the Cheiro
by: Muzaffar Mahmood

I am a palmist but not profsional, I also worked on the numbers.I started my research when I was only 14 years old.Here I want to tell you that there is one number is short in Chiero"s table and that is nine (9). While there are nine natural nubers.I have thirty years experience in this field now.Plz find that where is the number 9 in the Cheiro"s table.You can mail me on my ID . Remember my own numbers is 8. I am waiting for your answer.

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