Chinese Name Numerology
And The World

by Su Yi Jie

I have deep interest in name numerology and found out that there are many variations of it. I'm a Chinese residing in Singapore. It seems to me that your calculations are more in depth with not just numbers but with other elements like astrology and gemology as well.

In Chinese way of calculating a name, the use of date of birth and time are essential. The number of strokes in a Chinese character, the total of strokes for a full name and the sound it produces is the key to success.

But it seems that if it is written in English, it does not bode well with me using your way of calculation as I will have conflicts between my name number and life number.

I was told that because Singapore was British colonial and till date we are still using British English as the main core language, I should follow your way of calculation.

Is that true? Can your numerology be applied to anybody in the world with different languages? I was also told that for name change to be effective, an official change to the identification card is required.

What others say is you need not inform anybody about the change and people around you could still call you by your previous name. Please enlighten me on the above questions. Thank you for your kind attention.

Reply by Kannan M

Yes. I Have this most universally applicable system of numerology as it takes care of astrology, numerology, and bioenergetics. It can be successfully applied any one in any country with any language.

You will not get any benefits if you keep your name secret. You have to apply it in daily life according to the principles of name numerology

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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And The World

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Oct 06, 2010
A Point for Suyi to Consider
by: Prefer Not to Say

I'm assuming you have had an analysis of your name in Chinese characters already or will be. Your name in Chinese characters and how it is pronounced in Chinese won't change.

It would be an interesting exercise to see if you can have the best of both worlds.

I'd like to remind you that Hanyu Pinyin Romanisation system of Chinese words is not phonetically spelled for pronounciation by English speakers.

Although the name you've used here happens to be spelled quite close to how it might be pronounced by an English speaker. That may still give you some room for varying the spelling of your name in English according to Chaldean/Vedic numerology.

Oct 06, 2010
Sharing My Experience on Name Numerology Correction So Far
by: Prefer Not to Say

I would like to add: It wasn't an easy decision getting my name changed with name numerology correction. It felt like I was having a part of myself surgically removed.

But Mr Kannan M's analysis of my name numerology logically explained why I always felt my birth name wasn't 'me' and why my life was bumpy, hindered by incorrect name numerology.

It's only week three since I had my changed by deed poll. Too early to say how my life has changed.

Getting my parents to understand has been the most difficult part ? they are a combination of being Western-educated and having a Confucianist patriarchal mindset. The family name is paramount and ancestral veneration is still practiced on my father's side.

Although, for years now, I had already distanced myself from practices that were corrupt in the name of ?tradition? and did not feel right in my own value system.

My parents still call me by the name they gave me. My sister has always called me ?older sister? in my mother tongue; my daughter calls me Mum, so no problems there.

Then there are the staunch Christian converts on my Mum's side of the family ? I have always incurred their disapproval in my major life decisions so this most recent episode won't be anything new. *smiles*

Apart from that, I've been pleasantly surprised most people are quite intrigued, some, I dare say, even inspired, even though there is no major tradition of name change in my culture in the same way as the Vedic tradition.

The (ethnic Chinese) lawyer commented it was ?mostly Indians? who came to him for the deed poll. By coincidence, he happens to have a Sanskrit name as well but which he never uses.

He uses a Western name with his Chinese family name. Once I had had finalised on my name change with Mr Kannan M, I didn't spend any more time agonising and just systematically did what had to be done.

Since I've felt very positive and happy about my name change, it's been very easy talking to most people about it.

The minor inconveniences were getting my name changed on my bank account and utilities accounts, most of which were done online with zero fuss, and on title deeds on small properties in four countries and bits and pieces here and there. I'm taking the latter in my stride, taking my time.

I'm hopeful I have had my future rewritten for the much better with name numerology correction.

Oct 04, 2010
BaZi and Chinese Name Correction
by: Prefer Not to Say


I'd like to make a few comments, if I may, since I had similar questions in this area in the process of my consultation with Mr Kannan M. I'm an ethnic Chinese.

However, in the event, I chose to drop my Chinese name almost altogether, including the Chinese characters in written form in entirety, choosing a name in Sanskrit instead because of my spiritual pursuits.

My daughter's name will probably be corrected along similar lines since she's half-Tibetan anyway and has a Tibetan birth name.

The other reasons were practical ones:

1. The only time I have used written Chinese characters since I left school was when I visited China in 2002 as a tourist and I don't expect to go there again soon. So, retaining some kind of Chinese name would have been for more sentimental reasons than anything else.

2. I didn't have time to look into correcting my Chinese name by consulting with BaZi experts which is another drawn-out process altogether. Plus, I was told by one fengshui master that I had used before, that at this stage in life (for me), changing my name in Chinese characters was pretty pointless. I could have sought a second opinion but by which time, I was too discouraged.

If your Chinese name is rendered in English and mostly pronounced as it is written in English without the tones, then Chaldean/Vedic numerology makes sense, as it's based on the Universal vibrations of sound, not words.

Comment By Kannan M:

Beautifully said. I shall draw an analogy here from my Energy Treatment where I do acupuncture by vibrations from the Lecher Antenna with out using the needles. I use only the major universal command points for correction, which your body is unable to correct on its own.

In fact these are the only points which any one should do. But the orthodox acupuncturists torture the clients with needles and do those points which the body can correct by itself. This makes the immune system of the body weak.

My acupuncture points work equally well to all people in any part of the world. So also in the occult science of vibrations there are good vibes which can be found out for any one in the world. You can use the antenna and bioenergetics to find out the good and bad vibes in his name, gems, jewelery, food, clothing, residence, or office.

You can even find out if his fiancee is compatible for him or not. We are truly in the space age of quantum physics, indeed!

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