Contesting Name Numerology
Claims For Number 8

by D Kiranmaye
(Pune, India)

I am a palmist and I work on name numerology also. I work in an India's best software company as a system engineer. When I was searching sites for numerology I came across this site. Well, I have a different opinion with many things given in this site for number 8.

It is disheartening to see that number 8 people are so discouraged by the explanation given in this site.

According to Chinese Numerology, number 8 is one of the most auspicious and lucky numbers. I believe the goal of a person is to win life which is gifted in number 8 people. I am a 3 X 8's person.

My date of birth is 17-12-1986, and my name is D Kiranmaye in 26. My birth name, life path number, and birth date number add to 8. Yes, it is true that 8 number people get success late in life, but when they get it, God gives them a lot whole heartedly.

They are born leaders and they gain experience to win any situation. I am proud that I have number 8 as per name numerology.

This number increases my faith in God and makes me stronger after every problem. It is not that a number 1 or 6 person will be always happy as he is ruled by name numerology for Sun or Venus.

Every person whatever number he belongs to will have problems. It cant be blamed for the number you have in your name numerology. All my life's major incidents happen on number 8 or number 4 dates. It is true that I get problems but they get solved after sometime with patience.

Number 8 is ruled by Saturn. And when a person wins the blessings of Saturn with his continuous hard work, patience, and will power, he gets whatever he wants in life. This is because of my personal experience, as I get whatever I want.

So don't be afraid that you are a number 8 person. Be proud that you are brought to this earth to win worst situations and become God's favorite. You will feel the difference.

Reply by Kannan M

I have told often enough in my site on name numerology that 8 has its own special merits. Many advocates, judges, unselfish patriots, and God men like Swami Sivananda have been born with 8.

8 is lucky when your name is perfect. It is also lucky when Saturn is well placed in your birth chart, if it is 100% accurate.

8 is also lucky when as per your horary chart, 8 is not afflicted, when it does not receive any evil aspects, and when it refers to good houses like 1, 2, 5, 10, and 11 in your horary astrology chart.

8 will also be lucky for you, if in your present and previous past, you had not committed any sins.

But in reality, how many persons you can find with these qualifications? D. Kiranmaye may be an exception. Many are not like her. And kindly remember, exceptions can not make rules.

I agree that Kiranmaye may have most of these qualifications, but still, I will ask her one question. She is not even 25 years old. In this young age it is too premature for her to judge 8 is lucky for her for the periods remaining through out in her entire life.

Many with 8 lived good lives till 45 and then died like Actor Murali (He died in his 46th year), or got incurable diseases, and suffered till the end in their later lives. Many meet with fatal road , train, or plane accidents.

That is why I repeatedly caution our visitors that 8 is an ill fated number and you must correct your names to escape its evil effects.

I disagree with Kiranmaye that Saturn can be pleased and you can get his blessings. Saturn is like an impartial judge. As per my name numerology, Saturn can not be pacified by Homa, Yagnas, Poojas, or by wearing gems like Star Blue Sapphire.

You can restrain him and escape from his punishments here and now in your remaining life, only when you have the perfect numerology name.

Kinanmayee's main name is in 22 and not 26. This is one major advantage for her. She has to examine the concept of 8 in Chinese Numerology in their context, with their major concepts of name numerology. The vibes of Chinese alphabets make all the difference.

The Chinese Name numerology gives new names as per their unique system based on symbols. I give names using a different system. When these two systems are diametrically opposite, you can not compare these and claim that my statements about 8 in this site are not true.

Both these systems make use of 8 in different meanings. That is why you can not compare carrots for carrots. I shall myself write a page on the Chine Name Numerology and 8 to prove it to the visitors.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Claims For Number 8

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Jul 11, 2012
rubbish NEW
by: varun

you are scaring people .everything depends on our karma.even other numbers sucess depends on hard work and faith in god. please do not scare innocent people.

Nov 02, 2011
I have 8.
by: raveena

You wrote that one can restrain or escape from the Saturn but cannot pacify it for the remaining life.
Does this mean that for the sins that we have done we have to bear punishment no matter how good we do after learning our lesson.

If you have a perfect name that acts as the mediator between you and Saturn and it lessens his anger. so the punishment will be less and bearable.

Nov 20, 2010
random thought
by: Anonymous

I looked up a lot of sociopaths and serial killers.. and ironically most of them have some 8 in their name, birth date, life path or other aspect of their chart..

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