Deep In Deepak Connotes Evil
In Name Numerology

by vijay

My name is K.T.Vijayadeepak, I changed my name numerology from Deepak to this new name from one numerologist. Now, I feel positive and my attitude has changed towards success.

My level of study gets improved day by day and my relationship with my family and friends improved a lot. My mindset is different now I and am only thinking towards success.

Reply by Kannan M

I congratulate you on your decision to change your name to a better one. I agree that your new name is some what better than the old one. But it still has some evil vibrations.

If you want your success to blossom like a full blown lotus, you have to again fine tune your new name. Why? K T Vijayadeepak has internal enmity between K and your name.

Vijaya adds a feminine touch to a masculine name which is wrong. The portion DEEP has deeper connotations in numerology meanings. It signifies bad luck and evil.

You are born on 25/09/1988. Your main name has a strong inimical vibration with your day number which will make your new name a failure soon or in the long run. Because numerology 7 and numerology 9 are mutually inimical. 2 & 7 both oppose 9.

The written sound vibes do not sync with the uttered sound vibes for Deepak. When I measured the name with my Lecher antenna, I find that it reeks with some good and much more evil vibrations.

Therefore if you want a life of perfect happiness and outstanding success, you have to correct your name as per the science of vibration measurements.

We alone do this precious service in our scientific numerology.

Do not be number bound. You can create millions of evil names in any number be it good or bad. Therefore if you want a much better life do correct your name.

You can do it by visiting the contact us page in this web site. Fill in your particulars and send it to me. I shall take care of the rest.

The Big Difference

Other numerologists give names by blind belief by out dated bookish numerology. It is quite useless for you.

But we design our names by scientific methods by numerology, astrology, Bio Energetics, tests with Lecher Antenna and energy measurement readings on the energy meter Acmograph.

Hence you get sure luck and prosperity when you come to us.

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In Name Numerology

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Nov 14, 2013
want to add another P in my name ( Deeppak) NEW
by: Deepak Bhatia


I have been reading the given data on your website from a long time and want to know will be a right step to change my spelling for a better future for me and my family my Birth date is 25/04/1987 as per the given details on website 7 & 9 are my ruling numbers and my lucky number for name is 5 & 6, while the total of my name is not coming to the 5 or 6, Deepak comes to 7 if i Add another P it will make it a 6 so plz do help me out.


Deeppak Bhatia

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