Does Name Numerology of 8
Dominate Your Life?

by Nirupoma

As per name numerology, my nephew was born on the 26th June 1997. Day before his birth my brother had a car accident on the way to take his wife to the hospital appointment on the 25th June.

For emergency reasons doctors chose the date 26th instead of 27th. He is a healthy and genius child. Since his birth the family is progressing with finance and status. But they work very hard and sacrifice a lot for the child.

My brother and sister in law are happy with my nephew because he is doing wonderful with his school academic results and extra curriculum achievements.

I have never seen any child working this hard to achieve a goal. To be honest, from his birth certificate he has got three names which give him a total number of 5.

The first name gives him 3, middle name gives him 9 and his surname gives him 7. He has his destiny number 10, Life path number 4 but maturity number 5.

Yes, the day number 8 is quite a challenging number for life. I have seen my auntie suffering as doctor and her marriage ended up with divorce and lot of lot of family problems.

My sister in law does this calculation and my nephew is very determined to work hard for every success in his life. Will he be successful with his extra ordinary brain?

With his good parental background will he get any benefits? Only God knows...... Wish him all the best. Sometimes it is just not right - That is all about this day number 8!

Comment By Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology:

If your personal name is flawless as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics, you can escape from the evils of Saturn. Mysterious are His ways. To have 8 in bith date is like having a sword over your head.

It may strike sooner or later. But sure it will strike! That is why every one has to correct his name as per name numerology.

If the reader and visitors realize this from your submission, you have done a yeoman service by your submission.

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Dominate Your Life?

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Apr 11, 2010
by: Bhavesh

Is the name HEMISH the correct name for a baby boy born on 26/03/2010. Father name B and Surname is Patel.

Advice by Kannan M

Kindly apply through the contact form in this web site.

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