Great Insights On 9 &9
About My Daughter

by Prefer Not to Disclose

Happy 'Coincidence'

Happy 'Coincidence'

As per name numerology, My daughter is a Day Number 18/9 (Mars) and Life Path 36/9 (Mars).

I never understood where her keen interest in martial arts comes from as no one on either side of the family is like that. Until I read your site.

Although as a Life Path Number 9 myself, I used to fence and liked handling rifles in the National Cadet Corps in school but that was another lifetime ago. I'm very sedentary these days.

She's nearly a black belt in taekwondo. She's only 14 years old but since she doesn't seem academically inclined, we've been half-joking about setting up a business empire in future involving taekwondo.

Her first name comes to 19/1 (Sun). And overall first name + family name is 78/6 (Venus). Is this good for her?

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

A name must be perfect in etymology, syllables, hidden meanings, initials, surnames, and even called names or pet names. I advice not to keep a pet name. But some persons spoil the original perfect name with a defective pet name.

A name must also be correct as per horary astrology. If your daughters Venus in horary astrology is an evil planet, Venus name will do evil only for her, either at once or later. An enemy is an enemy. He may or will strike at any time.

I also measure the vibe of the overall name and the name number. If I get fighting inimical vibes, I reject that name. I do by measurements by bioenergetics. I am a doctor and a qualified bioenergetician in the field of energy medicine.

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