I Got Success After Name
Numerology Correction

by Praveen Arunachalam
(New Zealand)

I got my name corrected as per your system of name numerology by December 2011. My DOB is 6-9-1987. I am really satisfied with the new name you have given to me. The new name is a success for me.

I cannot thank you enough for your Divine service. I am more energetic, not afraid of failures or crowds, my communication with people has improved.

I am not shy and I interact with people naturally. I am thinking thoughts like a leader when in a crowd and feel I can inspire and even manipulate the crowd to big heights and success.

Honestly I wish you had given me the name when I was born. but as you have said the past is not in my hands on the report and it is true.

I want to know to if this is all temporary or do these effects last a life time? Can i keep writing the affirmation of my name even after the one year period?

Can I do any spiritual practices or rituals to enhance the effects of the name even more?

And lastly What are the talents I get from my new name? I have seen the power of name number 41 on the internet saying darling of masses, and any info about number 32 and 64 will be greatly helpful?

I really feel that you have done more service than the fees I have given you. And kindly pardon me for asking lots of questions, i wanted to clear the doubts.

My cousin is changing his name soon as well and hopefully you could be more help to him as well as it was with me.

Reply by Kannan M

Thanks Praveen for your post. Here after do not worry about your name number. Treat your name as a mantra. For example, if you are ill, mentally repeat the name in a meditative mood and watch the name work wonders.

This is a top secret in numerology.

The effects of change by name numerology are for a life time. Day by Day better and not worse.

You can Chant some mantras taken from a Guru like the Maha Mantra to bless you with greater success. Worship and prayer will fine tune your talents.

Daily thank God twice for what he has given you so far. He will continue to shower more and more gifts on you. May God bless you with continued Good Luck and Success.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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