Importance of Meaning of
Words and Sounds
In Name Numerology

by Prefer Not to Say

I understand from your articles on name numerology that the meanings of names, not just the energetic vibrations of sounds, is also very important.

Why then just the meaning of Sanskrit and English names? From your examples of why the meanings of some names in English are unlucky? Eg. You say that the English name Kraven means dragon? and Diana is unlucky because of the word die in it.

What about other languages? For example, in my mother tongue, which is neither Sanskrit nor English, the first syllable and word of my first name describes the qualities of the moon, but the same sound means something else in Sanskrit.

I know it just happens to mean good in Sanskrit, a good meaning as well, but a different meaning from my mother tongue.

In name numerology, do we just go by what the sound means in Sanskrit? Sanskrit is understandable of course but English seems rather random although English is one of the most spoken modern languages in the world. But it is not THE most spoken. The most spoken is either Spanish or Mandarin.

Not to mention other sacred languages like classical Hebrew, ecclesiastical Latin, Aramaic, classical Arabic, Coptic, etc, which may not be a consideration here in name numerology. Though these would be more classified as religious, holy, or liturgical languages and are different may be (?) from the meaning of "sacred".

Reply by Kannan M

In name numerology calculations, the meaning of the word, syllable, or letter group, should mean well as per the etymology of your mother tongue, and it must also not mean bad in English, Sanskrit, or in any other language.

According to my system of name numerology, it is safe to use the spoken and written words which do not have any negative or offensive meaning in any language as far as possible.

I go into the origin of words, and if I find a sound or word objectionable in any language, I restrain the client and explain to him about the negativity. I also check with the client about his knowledge in this field and take from him any useful hints, for he knows his language better than me.

Wise clients do not compel me to bend to their wishes in correcting names as they realize that it will be detrimental to their long time life interests.

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