Is My Name correct For 4 & 4
Name Numerology

by Surya Raamaswamy
(Manglore Karnataka)

I request you to kindly scrutinize my name numerology details. My Date of Birth is 04-03-1986. I have 4 and 4. My lucky number is 1.

My full name is Surya Raamaswamy.
The numerology of my name measures as follows:

3+6+2+1+1=13 for the first name and
2+1+1+4+1+3+6+1+4+1=24 for the 2nd name.
Totally it is 13+24=37 3+7=10.

Please tell me how is my name, any bad meaning or evil meanings for name and how is my future. I work in the axis bank as a cashier.

Reply by Kannan M

Your first name is in the wrong planetary vibration. It is my concept that the first name and also the overall name should be in your lucky planets. It does not stop there.

Your name must vibrate in the lucky planets in your astrology as well. It must also sync with your body, mind, and nervous systems. If not, the name will maim your talents, give you bad luck, and loss.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

Mar 09, 2012

Do 4s stand for force(just kidding)
by: Anonymous


I am also a 4 and 4 and in another page you have sorted a few auspicious numbers for personal names and business ones among these is 46 but in another page that you evaluate 46 you say,

Name Numerology for No. 46 will not suit every one. It works well only, if your day number is 1 and life number is 5, or 6, or 9. If your day number is different, and if you have your name in 46, you will only purchase troubles.

I wonder what is the truth for 4s (my dob is 13 Feb 1978 ) and which number should I aim for since my first name value is 24.

Thank you in advance.

Reply by Kannan M

You have 4 & 4. It is a weak combination. 4 numerology needs support of a powerful name number which vibrates well in harmony with your boy, mind, and soul vibrations. Only I can find it for you. So better correct your name.

Dec 26, 2011

My son's name
by: Sriram

Dear Sir, My son's name is S.Vikram. He was born on 13th July 2009. His birth number is 4 and life path number is also 4. His name along with initial is 1.(S.Vikram = 1). Is this name Okay? Please tell about my son's luck.

Also can you tell me is the numerology works if a child was born in surgery and not normal delivery?

Reply by Kannan M

Yes. Numerology works even if the baby is born by surgery or c Section or forced delivery.

To reply to your first question Vikram comes in 16 and so it is highly unlucky. Remember no one calls him S Vikram or No Vikram. So Vikram is most important to be perfect. Please correct his name and give him a good future.

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Name Numerology

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Jun 17, 2017
4&4 numerology NEW
by: Merunalini

Dear sir my son name is mangalesh.u.m we wantto correct this name by numerology .his birth date is31/7/2003 leao(simmam),Maham nakshatra

Feb 28, 2013
Namasthe!! NEW
by: Srivatsa

My name is Srivatsa and date of birth is 04th November, 1987. Recently i have changed my name through a numerologist in my area of AP state. It is changed to Srrivatssa. So i kindly request you to check it and inform me whether its correct please..

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