Is This Name Lucky For Me?

by lekha

After checking my name numerology I guess my name is not so lucky. I want your opinion on this. I Have been Blessed with this name --Lekha S Nair. I was born on 30-11-1975. Is it lucky for me?

I have not been able to achieve my best though I put in lot of hard work. I have not been lucky in marriage as well. My future seems bleak.

Reply by Kannan M

Yes. Your name is not lucky. LEKHA comes in 16 which is unlucky for love. material, and marital life. The overall name comes in a bad name number. Therefore, you have to correct your name.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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Name Numerology For
Nandu Ramdas

by Nandu ramdas sawaithul
(Dubai, UAE)

I read this site on name numerology quite often and I am extremely impressed about your highly original contributions on business numerology. You have taught us the basics of success by applying your various techniques in name numerology.

You have also laid out the methods of using name numerology through the lucky numbers, lucky gems, and lucky business names for business success. Each one wants to get profits in his business.

In my case too I am not successful in my business. Can you please guide me as to what I can do? I request you to advise me.

Reply by Kannan M

Thank you Ramdas for your submission. You are not successful in your business because your name is defective. Ramdas is highly defective in many ways. Your personal name is like a ground station.

Your business is like a space satellite controlled by that ground station which is your name. If that name is defective, how can the satellite function well? And how can you get profits from business?

The satellite will fly in wrong directions and will crash on the earth or into the seas. Like wise, your business will run in wrong ways and end up in loss. Your defective name is responsible for this.

Your business name is as important as your personal name in name numerology. If the business name is defective, it is as if you have flown a defective satellite. It is some where bound to crash.

Therefore, to enjoy success in business as per name numerology, you must correct your personal name in the best way and make it perfect. Then you have to design a perfect business name or correct and fine tune it. You must use that business name.

You must fine tune it it to suit your personal name numerology, name number, day number, and life number. This is the secret of business success. Most of the multi millionaires follow this.

Follow these ideas and implement them in your personal name and business name. Take help. You will be crowned with success.

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