Lucky Escape From
A Harrowing 8/8
Name Numerology

by Prefer Not to Say

My ex-romantic partner is a Day Number 8 and Life Path Number 35/8. His spiritual guru corrected his name to 34/7 several years ago. If you calculate by name numerology, his first name is 23/5. He has a glittering outward persona which pulled me in.

According to his guru, he has an uncommon gift for the Scriptures. However, the cracks in his charm began to show as his alarming sociopathic, amoral, grandiose, narcissistic, 'crazy making' behavior emerged.

I'm also sure he is fully capable of physical abuse as I saw the look in his eyes during one of our early trivial tiffs that lovers have but could easily have escalated into violence.

He spoke in a laughingly, chillingly, matter-of-fact manner about punching a female relative in the face before for the same "disrespect" I had apparently shown him.

He is a recovering alcoholic, had been sober only in just over a year before we met, a philanderer, finally disowned by his family, a social outcast from his community, living hand to mouth and saw no problem in being a financial parasite.

Reply by Kannan M

A highly valuable contribution. This explains what an 8/8 person does with a first name in 5 and overall name in 7. Every little thing counts here and manifests as a character.

The Name Numerology for 8 and 8 gave him mastery over Scriptures. But the enmity between 7 & 8 drove him in evil ways, become an addict to drinks, sport with danger, and live a despicable life. The first name in 5 made him sexually attractive.

The over all 34/7 plus 8/8 made him face ostracism from family, community, and society. The 7 made him poor and he had to make a day to day living or live shamelessly on others generosity. A nice example of 8/8 with 5 and 7 name numerology.

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