Name Numerolgy Correction For Non Indian Names

by Anonymous
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Question 1

As per Name Numerology, how do you correct Non Indian/Hindu names? I don't wish my name to be unrecognizable or sound foreign from its roots.

Reply 1

I analyze your origin for names before I design names in the science of name numerology. You tell me the origin of your Japanese, English, Hindi, Mongolian, Thai, American, or Australian Name. I shall find out one of the best, fine tune it into a new name, and give you the best choice.

Question 2

Would you give a choice of names or work with me till you come to a name that satisfies both numerology AND culture?

Reply 2

If I am fully convinced that my new name is the best, I make a new name report with all my recommendations. If you have doubts, I explain and convince you how and why that name is the best as per name numerology. But still if you do not like my new name, I ask for your other preferences and accordingly do my work.

Question 3

I too am born with 1 & 9. Would 1 or 9 suit my occult interests better?

Reply 3

Both numbers will be perfect for your all interests.

Question 4

Would 1 or 9 be better for making my own money? I am lucky to have modest family wealth but I want to stand on my own 2 feet.

Reply 4

Both 1 and 9 can make you work hard and become rich. Both are equally good.

Question 5

Would 1 or 9 help me find a suitable partner?

Reply 5

Both numbers must be relatively analyzed with your life partner's name or business partner's names and dates of birth to come to a conclusion.

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