Name Numerology Advice
For Karan Attri (4 & 9)

by karan attri
(dalhousie, hp, INDIA)

Let me see if name numerology will infuse changes in my life. I am ready to change my name or alter the spelling, if it will help me in any way. My name is Karan Attri. I was born on 04-08- 1986.

Every one who knows me tell me that I am a born genius. But I am very poor in my studies. Can numerology change this defect?

When it comes to score marks, I always get 30 to 40 per cent. I am not stable in my life and thinking. I have an idea to change my name as Kelino Karan Attri. Will it do me any good? Is this name fortunate for me? Kindly advise me about what I really must do now.

Expert Advice By Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

What is Karan Attri? It has 11 and 12 making 23. But the name Karan is a devilish name which will make you lose interest in dharma, discipline, etiquette, respect to elders, obedience, and service to teachers. 'Ran' is evil making Karan an example for evil baby names.

ATTRI has AT and TRI. It means you are trying. You are always at trials. You keep trying with out reaching your goals. This is another evil aspect in your name numerology. Adding Kelino means adding more negativity and more evil in your numerology name.

'No' is an evil vibration in name numerology. Kelino adds to 23 but remember all 23 name numbers are not always good. XYZ comes to 13. Will you have it as your name? If you add FK to XYZ, you are adding 10 to make XYZFK equal to 23. Is it a good name for you?

Who will accept this XYZFK as a name with 23? Why don't you have it as your numerology name? It is because it has no meaning.

Therefore, meaning is very much important in a name. If there is any negative meaning visible or hidden, that negativity makes the name evil as per phonology and my system of advanced name numerology.

Hence you have to leave this numerology name correction in expert hands. For that you must apply for your proper name correction through the contact form in this numerology website.

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For Karan Attri (4 & 9)

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Nov 17, 2013
please remove this information.. NEW
by: karan attri

please remove this information..

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