Name Numerology And
Good Results

I have seen lots of people with 8 name numerology in their birth date or destiny, undergo lots of sufferings. They do not know if a name correction can change their lives. Many people don't believe in it. If anyone experienced wonderful results after name correction why don't they post their experiences here?

Expert Opinion By Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

If you correct your name as per name numerology and if you become a famous film star like Vijay, will you tell every one that you got all your luck through my name? If you become a business magnet like Dhirubhai Ambani, will you tell the world that you got all you luck through my hard work in giving you a perfect name?

If your daughter runs away with a rogue and I correct her character by name numerology, and she stops her love for him, and returns to you, will you as her father reveal to all visitors that I save your daughter from her third party love affairs?

If you succeed by name correction after a divorce suit with lots of allegations and mud thrown from either side, and then you occupy respectable positions in the society, will you openly admit that there you had a nasty wife and I only saved you with a name correction?

In any of these cases, you will not reveal to others that you were lucky because of my correcting your name as per name numerology. You will always like to say that you came up by your intelligence and hard work and normally you will not give the credit to me.

Therefore do not expect every one to narrate their experiences of success after name numerology name correction. Some may be willing. But as most people are lazy in their own work, they do not feel like spend time to write and share their personal life in public.

However, if some one comes forward, he or she is most welcome to share his experience with others. Even you can correct your name as per name numerology and write here after name correction.

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