Name Numerology And
Name Correction

by Denis James
(Dombivli, Mumbai, India.)

My name numerology details are as follows. DOB: 06 Sept,1980 = 33 = 6 Time: 12.30 noon. Place: Kulanada (kerala) Pathanamthita district.

When my name was Dennis James , in my passport there was no place to stamp visa. It got full.
Recently I have changed my name to Denis James which adds up to 23 that is = 5.

So far I haven’t experienced yet with name Denis James if it is good or bad. But what you suggest my name should be as per your calculation.

My previous name that is Dennis James was adding up to numerology of 37, that is 1.

So please help me with your suggestion if my new name numerology is 23 that is = 5 will it prove good luck for me. Or should I go back to my old name.

I have done my hotel management in Food & Beverage. Currently working with cruise ship.

So don’t know if it gonna help me but yes when I was in other cruise ship with my old name Dennis James, I had to face lots of problem in cruise.

I had all pressures, enmity, and jealousy but no growth at all. But I don’t know if my new name gonna help me, Denis James.

As I changed it recently, please guide .If my new name gonna be lucky for me or not.

Reply by Kannan M

Your original name was in 37 and by removing one N, you have made it 32 and not 23. However the name is not lucky enough to give you the best results.

You have gone by plain traditional numerology which is quite meaningless. I can give you a million evil names in 32 and 37. Do you think all these evil names will be lucky?

That is why, you must check your name numerology with astrology and bio energetics measurements. Only if your name obeys all these rules, your name will be perfect. If you want I shall do it for you.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

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