Name Numerology Question
Can I have Two Names?

by bharat naveen kumar
(kakinada ,ap)

I seek relief from your system of Name Numerology. My full name is Bharat Naveen Kumar. I was very unlucky in studies and in life. All my friends call me bharat. Is it correct or wrong?

Can I have many calling names? Does it make a Difference? My Family members call me as Naveen. I am a lean person of 21 years. I am studying engineering in AP. Tell me how to change my name.

Reply by Kannan M

According to my system of name numerology, too many names dilute the efficiency of your name number. If you have two names, both must be perfect and both must be put into both academic and family use. No pet names are allowed.

Both Bharat and Naveen are quite unlucky for you. You write Bharat with a sound such as for rut. But people call you in fact as Bharath. Th sounds like in froth. Such a variation in written and uttered name kills the powers of not only your name but any name.

Kumar contains many negative vibes and is unlucky for you and you have to correct it.

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Name Numerology For
Kabita Dam

What does your name numerology say for Kabita Dam? It is my name. After marriage I changed my surname Kabita Dam to Kabita Majumder. I have my own firm by name UNIQUE CENTRE.

It is a financial firm. I have many monetary problems. So can you suggest me what's my financial status in future or what's the type of problem I will face in future.

Reply by Kannan M

Both Kabita Dam and Kabita Majumdar are unlucky names. The name Unique Center is also not correct as per name numerology. That is why you face problems now and then. Better correct your name.

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Name Numerology And
Nick Names

by Surjeet Kaur

I have a doubt on Nick Names in Name Numerology. I am a Sikh by religion. So I am confused to find my name number.

We all have two names, one on school and collage certificates and the other which people call us(nick name). Please tell me how can I find my name number and decide about my lucky name.

Reply by Kannan M

Dear Surjeet Kaur, It is better that each one of us has only one name. Then only any name has 100 percent powers to work for you.

You are allowed to have two names in your profession when both these names are applied and addressed daily by many people.

I give a good solution for this problem. Have your first name and the overall name in your lucky numbers and lucky planets. Have that first name as your nick name or the calling name.

Then you will have great success.

You can not do it by yourself with your scanty knowledge of name numerology. Engage our help to do this and correct your name. We are here to assist you with our specialized knowledge.

Nov 27, 2011

Doubt on my cousins name
by: hari

My name is Hari my cousins name is 'SAI SUCHAY
I have a doubt that whether his name has to be changed for a good future or not. His age is 7 months baby(boy). So I request you to please reply for my question with any necessary changes if may required.

Reply by Kannan M

Hari is an unlucky name and Sai Suchay too does not pass my 5 standard tests for a perfect name.
Therefore you have correct both your names.

Sep 10, 2011

Is it lucky?
by: ND

I have combination of 3 & 6
(day no. 3 & life no. 6).
I am always in trouble & controversies. Now I understand why. name no. is 73
Is it lucky??
please tell me..

Reply By Kannan M

It is not the number alone. The collective individual and overall vibes in the alphabets of your name are more important to judge if that name is lucky or not. You can have many evil names in 73. Therefore correct your name and enjoy a worry free successful life.

Feb 26, 2011

satta number
by: sandeep verma

Please tell me delhi satta number daily.

Reply by Kannan M

Kindly explain to me what you mean by Delhi Satta Number.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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