Name Numerology Based On
Astrology Birth Chart

by N Santosh
(Slough UK)

Yours is one of the best sites on name numerology. I have come to know about you very late and when one of my friends suggested about you, I have started to go through your website and the same is very informative.

It can be easily understood that the methodology being used by you is very exhaustive and accurate. I am based in UK (Slough) and while I was finalizing my daughter’s name, I consulted a very famous Pune based numerologist.

Unfortunately I was not aware of you at that time. My daughter was born on 25-08-2008 (6.33 am; Hyderabad) whereas her birth and destiny number is 7. The numerologist whom I have consulted named my daughter as N Niveditha. The first name is 32=5 and full name is 37=1.

Currently I am in India on vacation and when I have gone through your website, I have come to know that name number 6 or name number 5 is suitable for 7 borns.

I immediately consulted the numerologist and tried to understand the basis for choosing name number 1 for my daughter, who is a 7 born.

He explained to me that the ascendant lord of the child’s horoscope is Sun (who is the ruling planet for 1) and as Sun is powerfully placed in own sign in the horoscope, name number 1 is auspicious. Is this theory right?

As per your analysis, how is my daughter’s name? If necessary, I am willing to change her name by taking your consultation.

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology:

As your numerologist says Sun is in Leo but he is very badly placed. He is in 12th house which represents loss, infamy, serious hospitalization, living incognito, being exiled, and death. He is not the ascendant lord.

Sun is just the lord of her Ascendant Sign. Your daughters ascendant is in Venus Star in Venus Sub. Therefore Venus is the Ascendant lord. See my astrology chart for your daughter.

Click to see N NIveditha's birth chart, or right-click to download it.

This will prove it. Besides 12th house, Sun refers to only house No. 1.

If Sun also refers to 2, 4, 5, or 10th house, and definitely to 11th house besides 12th house, Sun can be excused. In your daughter's case Sun refers only to 1 and 12 and is evil to her. And to have her name number in Sun is not wise.

Another objection is that the called name and written name are different. This is bad phonology. It reduces the power of the name still further and makes it unlucky.

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Astrology Birth Chart

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Dec 06, 2017
by: Anonymous


Jan 24, 2016
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by: mohd amin wani

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my dob is 07 Oct 1990
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Jan 02, 2015
good NEW
by: kishor

its awesome

Jan 29, 2014
About us NEW
by: Anonymous

My name is KIRAN KUMAR B
DOB 17-07-1993

May 15, 2010
by: Kannan M

This is a courteous note to MK sharmaji. Thanks for your participation. In the chart enclosed with my reply for Niveditha kindly note that Sun is in 8-19-53 degree of Leo and the 1st cusp starts only in 14-57-11.

This clearly proves that Sun is behind the 1st cusp and he is posited in the 12fth house and not in the 1st house.

May 02, 2010
Auguest is ruled by 1
by: Anonymous

I completely agree with Sharma. Name number 1 is positive for this case because of the following:

1. This baby was born in August, which is ruled by number 1. The period between 21st July and August 20th-27th (I have added the seven days of the "Cusp")is called "House of the Sun" and hence 1 is favourable for her (she was born in this peirod, on 25th).

2. Her ascendant is "Leo" and Sun is placed in her Ascendant where Leo is ruled by Sun. Number 1 is ruled by Sun. As mentioned by Kannan, Sun is not placed in the 12th house of her horosocpe. Only "Ketu" is placed in 12th house. Placing of Sun in her ascendant is a positive sign.

3. According to "Cheiro", number 7 vibrates well with number 1.

4. According to Hindu numerology, although name number 1 is very suitable for 1&4 borns, for this case "name number 1" is auspicious because of the reasons that a) Sun is well placed in her horoscope and b) she was born in month, August, which is ruled by "Sun" c) as such name number 37 is a lucky name number.

However this is an interesting discussion and let's wait for Kannan's comments. Moreover I appreciate Kannan for creating this useful name numerology blog.

Reply by Kannan M

I think you are using a different ayanamsa. I have used the KP ayanamsa which gives always better results than others. As per the astrology chart I have enclosed in my reply Sun is only in the 12th house and not in the 1st house.

I guess you have not studied this chart. Further there has been lots of research and development in name numerology since Cheiro, and it is out dated to blindly follow his words.

No doubt he was a great genius. But he did not live long enough to write all his knowledge in his books. If Cheiro is alive today, he will perfectly agree with my observations.

May 01, 2010
Why Sun is evil to her?
by: MK Sharma

First of all I would like to appreciate your efforts to utilize Astrology as part of name numerology instead of just working with birth and destiny numbers which is done by several numerologists.

I am a vedic astrologer and I could not understand one point. You have mentioned for this horoscope that 'Sun refers only to 1 and 12 and is evil to her'but in this horosocpe Sun is only placed in the first house and only Ketu is placed in 12th house. Placement of Sun in the ascendent(lagna), which is Leo is a good sign. I could not understand why Sun is evil to her horoscope? Can you explain this further.

Reply by Kannan M

Kindly go through my reply for the last or previous comment. That answers your question.

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