Name Numerology Correction
Advisable Or Not

by Prefer Not to Say

I have already talked about the name numerology for My daughter with you. She has Day Number 9 and her Life Path also is Number 9.

As her mother, I will be doing the running about getting the paperwork done for her - deed poll, and change of identification documents at different places. Which will take up nearly two working days.

I haven't been able to make her understand the importance of such an event that could change her life and that she has to hold up her own end by writing the daily affirmations for at least four months. What if she falters on the 180-day commitment?

At the moment, her understanding of this name change exercise has about the same importance to her as a change of nail polish colour - one of her current preoccupations.

It's hard enough getting her to keep her bedroom and bathroom tidy. I have given up on that area. I don't waste my energy any more nagging at her daily.

Is A Name Change Advisable For My Teenaged Daughter Now Who Is Both Headstrong And Isn't Quite Sure What She Wants?

Reply by Kannan M

It is better to gradually drag her into discussions on the topic of numerology as an ancient occult science bequeathed on us through the ancient sages as a product or knowledge communicated directly by Almighty God Himself for the benefit of mankind.

In Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna says,

'The gods have blessed you with so many benefits for your life like air, water, food, earth, and the sky (the Sun, Moon, the Planets and the Stars). If you want to enjoy these benefits in good stead, whenever you begin your enjoyments, mentally make an offering of the objects of those enjoyments to these Gods. Then the Gods will be pleased and they will please you still more with greater benefits'.

Tell her, when we follow name numerology, we please the Gods by having a harmonious name avoiding conflicts between the natural forces like the Planets. And the Gods will reward us better when our turn comes as we are more qualified to receive more of their gifts.

Tell her she will have a trouble free, worry free, hassle free, disease free, and fear free, lustrous life and future, if alone she corrects and practices her name sincerely and regularly. Swimming sticks to you whether you have faith in it or not. Practice of name in name numerology has its effects on you like that.

A lawyer must practice law. A doctor must practice medicine. An accountant must practice accounting. Similarly, if our name has to work for us as a success tool, we have to practice the name.

Even a Saint corrects his name in order to be a successful Saint. In ancient days the Kings used to consult expert Sages before deciding on the names to their kids or the future kings.

Good things must be cultivated early in life. Spend more time with her and make her see eye to eye with you. Even if she leaves the practice half way through, having practiced that much will have its own good effects.

We not only use name numerology. We use graphology, psychology, the correct signatures, gemology, science of vibrations, science of good timings by use of lucky numbers, and astrology, in our package of name numerology. Once she sees these things in a scientific light, I am sure she will be tempted to try it out.

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