Name Numerology Experience
With 8 & 7 Combination

by Rama
(dubai, uae)

As per your name numerology, my name is Rama and I was born on 8th September 1979. Let me tell you my comments on name numerology. We are not here for eternal peace and enjoyments, I believe whatever is happening are simply results of previous birth's karma. And the present karma decides events in our next births.

As per your site on name numerology, my day number is 8. Yes. We are not lucky, especially those of us who have 8, but whatever I desire, that definitely gets fulfilled within some time. I had topped in my 10th exam because I had really put in hard work. But, I didn't do wonders in 12th. because I really did not work so hard.

What I realize is that we can get things done if we put our heart and soul to that, and my dear brothers and sisters, this is the success secret for anybody. We need to work hard but we definitely get it, not that we must keep on striving in our entire life.

Not only my day number is 8 as per name numerology, but my life number is 7. As such, I am satisfied with the realization of my being, and about God. I believe Bhagwan is always there for me as he is merciful. I remember Lord Jagganath and I feel him with me.

This is a blessing which God gives to any soul he has created irrespective of your name numerology. You can have any name, day, or life number. When you go into the success stories of legendary heroes, you find that none of them met their achievements easily.

They many times lost and many times succeeded, and always moved ahead with the powers of their beliefs, thoughts, and determination. Why don't we do that. I know one thing for sure.

No one is so resistant that he will never encounter any diseases, and no one is super lucky even with name numerology corrections, that just by doing nothing he will achieve all wealth and happiness.

Somehow or other you will strive for something. There has to be some void and need in each and everyone's life. It can only be satisfied if you have true love and devotion to GOD.

As far as I know, till this age in my life, I am not the only one who is uniquely unhappy and unlucky. I definitely look for upgrading my position materially better than what it is. It is a natural human instinct and we are fighters with the power of faith.

Only we need our strength to be realized and awakened by just making friends with god. Believe me, He will come and listen to you patiently. You will feel so nice after feeling connected with him.

Therefore, be brave and faithful, and say to yourself that "yes I am happy with whatever God has given this far". From the one born on 8th September 1979.

Comment By Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

Your beliefs in Karma, next birth, God, and realization of your being certify that you are born with 8 & 7. Your contentment, absence of greed, and Divine thought justify name numerology that you are born with life number 7.

Such thoughts of contentment are the results of name numerology for 7. They prevent you from greed, aggrandizement, encroachments, and lust for other people's money. You really do not care if you are rich or poor.

You say "the contented are the richest persons, King of Kings, Monarch or Monarchs, and Emperor of Emperors". These are the attributes of 7 name numerology persons like you.

But how many will agree with you? Always people remember " The contented remain only contented, but never become materially rich or powerful". That is why they opt for name correction as per name numerology.

Some things prevented you from getting a good rank in your 12th. Those obstacles came to you by 8. Your very Name Rama is in 8. There is no wonder you entertain such thoughts. The 8 persons go either in the Divine path or fill out Jails as criminals of the first order. You belong to the first category.

One last request. I thank you for your submission sharing your life and experience on name numerology. When you make such articles, kindly do it with out any spelling mistakes. When you use i instead of I, I have to kill my precious time to rectify all these mistakes.

I can forgive grammar mistakes as I don't always expect my visitors to know English Grammar well, but kindly have the patience to make your article with out any mistakes to make it appear decent. Otherwise even Google may not publish your nice web page.

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