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by Prefer Not to Disclose

I stumbled upon your fascinating site on name numerology last week and I have been reading it voraciously every day since then.

The point you make many times on your site on "bookish numerology" has been gradually sinking in.

I have not come across the same depth of information anywhere else on the internet so far. I did not know there were all these other different areas of consideration apart from Day Number and Life Path Number.

It has been sobering to say the least and it has been making me rethink about my rash decision on my currently used name, chosen last year after an informal consultation with an online numerologist with doubtful credentials.

One of the reasons for my change is that with a Day Number 1 (Sun) and Life Path Number 9 (Mars) and a birth given name of 42/6 (Venus), my love life has always been like an insane roller coaster ride and I attract the wrong kind of attention from the opposite sex.

I got your name analysis today and already emailed you with several questions before taking you up on name correction. But I thought I should post one of my questions here that I'm sure would be relevant to any readers of non Indian, Non Hindu backgrounds who consider a name change according to the Vedic/Chaldean system:

How then do you go about correcting a name for a person of non Indian or non Hindu background who wants to retain some semblance of their original name and cultural heritage?

Would you give a choice of corrected names or work with the client till you come to a name that satisfies both numerology AND culture?

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

You kindly tell me the origin of your Chinese Name, like Malaysian Chinese, Japanese, or Thailand Chinese Name or what ever it is. I shall find out and give you the best choice.

If it is a Tibetan Buddhist Chinese Name, kindly emphasize it in your reply. If I am fully convinced that my new name is the best, I make a name report with my recommendations. Even then if you do not like it, I work with you till you are fully satisfied.

You can correct this and achieve good luck and progress only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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