Name Numerology For 11
Afflicted By Day No. 9

by Tan

I am Tan from Malaysia and I am a fan of name numerology. First of all I thank you very much for the abundant, generous, and accurate information provided in your website. I really appreciate it.

My day number is 27 and life path 3, the day number is afflicted with name number 11, life is a struggle for me, I've to face my own self as a result of number 11, whether good or bad.

I live in life of duality. However, with my faith in God or higher power, I trust myself and I am trying to face my own demon.

Sometimes I wonder whether there is good and bad (opposites) in this universe. I think there are lessons for everyone to learn regarding good or bad. Thanks again.

Comments By Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

Yes Mr. Tan. Shakespeare said There is nothing Good or Bad, Only thinking makes it so. In the Eyes of God there is nothing good or bad.

In His Creation Every thing has been measured and designed by Numbers (Maths & Numerology!) and there is only Order and Perfection when you look at it in a broad sense.

When some one tries to breaks this order, he descends in the form of Jesus, Buddha, or Lord Krishna to restore it. And restore He does.

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Afflicted By Day No. 9

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Nov 10, 2016
Name number of Mr. Tan NEW
by: Anonymous

Mr. Kannan, thank you for the excellent response. I would like to know TAN name number is 10 right and not 11 as indicated. Please clarify from your point of view. Thanks again for your wondderful information on this website.

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