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Oct 22, 2011
Want to get married. But don't know numerology compatibility
by: Anonymous

Hello Mr. Kannan,

My Life no: 7 and her's 2.
My Day no: 7 and her's 4.
My name no : 6 and her's 9. But, after marriage her initial will change and the name no. comes to 7.

We are in love and like to get married within two years. I would want our compatibility to be perfect. So, please tell us the problems we have to face in future and any ways to avoid it. And if you could, pleasse suggest a right wedding date number.

So that we will try to marry on a date which counts to that number. If you say we have to correct our names, what should be the right number? Thanking you very much for your work.

Reply By Kannan M

Listen. In scientific name numerology, mere number alone is not important in deciding the luck. You must measure the vibes in the names to see if it is lucky.

Even though you have a name in your lucky number if it has evil vibes, you will end up unlucky.

For a lady to have a name number in 7 is like opting to commit suicide in name numerology. 9 also has the same fate for her.

I give lucky wedding date and time for a fee of 15000 Rs. or 365 USD as it involves a lot of sincere work and time.

Correct her name and she will become compatible to you. Correct your name too and I feel already that you have an unlucky name and that is why you want to marry a girl with the name number of 7 or 9. so correct your name also by visiting the contact us page in my web site.

Sep 04, 2011
My life no. 7 and my partner's life no. 2
by: Anonymous

Life no: 7 and 2
Day no: 7 and 4
Name no: 6 and 9

The above is the compatibility of mine and my partner. We just got engaged and we don't know If our life will be successful or not. As you said, for a person with Life no and day no. as 7 , the best compatibility is No. 2 But, my partner's day no. is 4 even though her life no. is 2. Do we have to face any problems in future? I have a name no. 6 for life and day no. 7. Is there any effect on that?

Reply By Kannan M

You have some thing bad in 2 & 4. Your married life will be short if you do not have perfect names. You will live in separation without remarriage or with an extra marital affair. to avoid all this you have to correct both of your names and also correct your wedding date if it is wrong.

Aug 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

what does 2,7,7 mean then?

Reply by Kannan M

It means as per numerology calculations, that your have your all your day, of Life, and Name in numerology numbers as 2 and 7, and 2 or 7.

Accordingly 9 numerology will be inimical to you in certain cases and you have to take help from an expert site like ours to correct your name if it is in 7 numerology. Because you can not be lucky if you have your name numerology in 2 or 7.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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