Name Numerology For 4 & 8

by ailene
(makati city,philippines)

As per name numerology, my day of birth is 4, my life number is 8 and my name number is 4. To worsen it all I was married on day 8...If i get married again will it lessen the effect? Need someone's advice badly.

Name Correction & Marriage Date Correction Advised.

Your name is Ailene. It has the negative part in Ail. Means fall sick. Further it is not appropriate for your day number and life number. Therefore, you have to opt for name correction by applying through this web site contact page.

Marriage Date Correction

This can only be corrected by a name numerology/astrology dual corrections.

For this you have to temporarily remove the signs of marriage and live together with out sexual contact for about 10 days.

You will have to perform a name numerology correction by enacting another marriage ceremony in your puja room on a predetermined date by me at the appointed time.

I shall calculate the exact position of the ascendant as per astrology at your place and advise you to commence the reunion.

As the new date and lucky lagna, and planetary influences will come into effect, the old date's evils will be removed.

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