Name Numerology For 4 & 9 With First Name in 8

by Kunal Tiwari
(Prefer Not To Say)

As per name numerology My DOB is 31-03-1982 (4 & 9). My Name is Kunal Tiwari. It works out as 17+15 = 32.

I always start things with great enthusiasm but fail to complete them. I have been suffering from a mysterious back pain for past 2 years.

There is nothing wrong in my MRI,X RAY, blood tests but pain won't go away even after spending a fortune on so many treatments.

Also, I am never satisfied in life and am always very confused. My career shapes up nicely without even putting the efforts but I can't save money I lose it in betting, business, and tempting activities.

Do you think a name change can help?

Reply by Kannan M

To have your first name in 17 is a mistake. That is why you face all these problems. 8 will give you many failures and sorrows. Correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, bio energetics.

And make the name suit your mind body vibrations. Otherwise your name works like a poison which slowly kills your talents, abilities, potentials, and chances of success.

Correct your name as per name numerology and save yourself.

About your back pain I have got an excellent treatment. I heal people and help to cure their incurable diseases by bioenergetics.

Read this article Cure your Back Pain and read about the other cures from the page Amazing cures in the middle of the navigation bar on the left. You will be immensely benefited.

I do not only name numerology. I also help people to cure their incurable diseases by my scientific treatment without medicines or injection in person or by remote. Read the other pages in the site.

You will be astonished.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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