Name Numerology For 5 & 1 And Marriage Date In 5

by Aneal
(Chambersburg USA)

As per name numerology, I am born on 23-12-1964. My name is Aneal and my wife’s name is Sulaba. My wife’s birth date is 21-10-1969. We were married on 30-12-1997. I am told by my friends who know some numerology who say that it is not good to have 5 in our marriage date. I request your valued advice on this.

In our case, I am afraid it is 5 in its compound number of the wedding date 30-12-1964. I request your expert opinion on this view of my friends. I also want you to tell if our names are good.

Expert Opinion By Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

It is good that you have 5 & 1 and your name is Aneal in 15. But you have not given your initial and surname. You must always give your full name including the initial and surname. Name Numerology works through all these name elements or components. Therefore, give me your full name when you apply. Do that for your wife's too.

I agree that you have an evil number in your marriage date 30-12-1997. It is in 3 & 5. To have 5 in your marriage date will make you lose interest your wife and seek extra marital sex from others.

It will also most likely make your wife secretly indulge in third party love affairs. She may even enjoy this love more than what she gets from you. Therefore, 5 is deadly to have in your marriage date. It is my experience that name numerology repeatedly confirms this.

Hence, to save your marriage and to protect the future of your kids, you have to love each other with out thirds party interference. It is possible only when you undergo a dual astrology cum name numerology correction for the wedding date and for your names.

This works and saves you from further going in such opposite lines. It protects your marriage and children. Further kindly note that as per name numerology, your wife's name Sulaba is in 16 or 7 which is an unlucky number for married life and material prospects. Rather it is unlucky for your prospects too as she is your wife.

I thought you should know all this when you start to apply for name numerology correction through the contact page for you and your wife which is also a must if you want her to fulfill her duties.

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