Name Numerology For 5 & 1
For Mahesh N Sanil


As per name numerology, my numerology name is Mahesh N Sanil. I was born in mumbai on 23/12/1964 8.46 am. I have 5 & 1. I have done my graduation and engineering in B. Tech, Export Management, Systems Management, MBA in Marketing, and Human Resource Management. I work in a senior position, but I am still not happy.

My name numerology likes changes. I want to change to a better job. This is not a good position and no more chances of promotion exist. So looking out for better opportunities. Will I be successful or should i start my own business? Not yet married. I am happy without being married and I travel a lot all over the world.

I am very particular and fast in my work and I like to learn new things. This agrees with what you say for 5 & 1 in your site on name numerology. I have a house for which I have a loan. Do you advice me to change the current job or should I continue in the same? I am very popular and I know very big personalities. I have lots of friends.

My name numerology does not allow me to rest without my work finished. I am a pure vegetarian with no bad habits as yet by the grace of God and I believe a lot in prayers. I pray meticulously every day. I pray for more than 1 hour. I recite different mantras in front of God after bath and burning the lamp.

I use the holy beads for may be more than one decade. My name numerology has given me a lot of friends. But I am a spend thrift to maintain them. I like always to be the boss. I am but kind to everyone who requires help. I love my parents a lot especially mom, sister, and brother who all are married and have kids.

They are younger than me. I care a lot for others. I don't know whose habit I have got. I mean I want to help. My name numerology makes me a dreamer always and I feel that if someone can do this, why cant I do. I try to learn, learn, and learn new things.

I believe in honesty a lot. But sometimes I have situations about which I don't complain, but I have not been a part of misdeed. Through out my life I have seen every thing. My name Numerology makes me get over everything with ease.

But I simply get flared up for petty things. I can write, and write, and write. This site on name numerology is very very interesting. I would like to meet you in person one day and God bless you for all your ventures. And your prediction always comes perfect anyway.

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For Mahesh N Sanil

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Jul 26, 2010
True As per Name Numerology
by: tania

What you say may be true as per name numerology. But we don't see horoscopes and get married. We don't believe all this in our religion. We fall in love and get married and live happily. After seeing horoscope also people fall into crisis and this is happening everywhere.

I don't know whether to believe or not. I read it because I am a housewife. I was surfing the net so was interested because I also fall in 5 and 1. I was interested to know but is it really true, I don't know. Only God knows who has made this earth.

Comment By Kannan M

In fact, I agree with you that whether you see horoscope or not, you can not prevent the sufferings. What you have to suffer will befall on you.

However, name numerology helps you to get over things with better luck. Here you are using the scientific vibrations in the alphabets and numbers to work in your favor rather than against you.

This facility is not there in astrology. You can not change your ascendant or the position of the planets. But it is within your powers to correct your name as per name numerology and live a smoother, richer, and more lucky life.

Jul 23, 2010
Very Nice Exposition On Name Numerology
by: andrew

Here Mr. Kannan M, the numerologist has not offered his comments whether 5 & 1 is good or bad. I feel it is good because everything is good of this person. My daughter is also born on 23rd December in 1973 and hers is also 5 and 1.

Reply By Kannan M

5 & 1 is good for every one. But he who has the perfect name with 5 & 1 will be far more successful than the one who has an imperfect name with 5 & 1.

Even Mr. Mahesh Sanil will be better off with more excellent prospects with a better name than what he has.

If you do not know architecture and you build a house, it will not be a good house. Likewise, if you make a name with out knowing name numerology, your name will not be good.

Whereas I am an architect of names and I can see through your name remove the mistakes and give you a more perfect name for your better future and fortune.

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