Name Numerology For
5 & 8 Most Unlucky


My name is Vivin Xavier, as per name numerology born on 5/11/1990 with day no. 5 and life no. 8

Firstly I congratulate you for assembling the most exhaustive numerological guide lines on the web and I'm amazed by your prediction about delays, disappointments, defeats and failures.

It takes about 3 to 4 times normal effort to accomplish any task in life, also even if victory or achievement reaches my life, it has lost all its flavor as I'm quite exhausted by the obstructions, problems etc.

Which force me to to live a life full of worry!!
Very few moments of joys are encountered, that too very short lived.

Reply by Kannan M

Thank you for your kind observations and generous comments about my guidelines. Actually name numerology is an offshoot of Vedic wisdom which our ancient sages were able to divine from their power to sense and measure numerology vibrations in the names.

Fortunately now I have science of bio energetics which enables me to measure these vibrations physically by scanning the alphabets, words, group of words, numbers, and numerology name meanings.

That is how I am able to judge if any numerology calculation is perfect. I am also able to judge the numerology compatibility between the persons, partners, father and son, or a wife and husband.

I am also able to Judge if a name has the correct numerology love compatibility to define a proper numerology match for you from amongst your lovers and identify one who is not a numerology match.

I can sense the vibes now just by seeing the names as the use of the Lecher antenna has left its subtle impressions in my subconscious mind to judge the numerology numbers and the combinations.

That is why I do not have to copy form others to write any thing. And that is why I have clients from over 168 countries from where numerology lovers come to me for help to correct their names.

For my antenna can study the vibes in any language as if a robot had been taught all secrets of numerology and the science of vibrations of alphabets, words, names, and their numerology number meanings.

In your case your name is

VIVIN XAVIER = 19 + 20 = 39.

In your name there is an inbuilt conflict of 1 and 2 as Sun and Moon have many opposite qualities.

The second Moon in 20 makes the power of Sun weak. The overall numerology number 39 is 12 or 3 or Jupiter who is a neutral planet.

He sits like a monk and watches the ruffians cast sotnes at him silently bearing the brunt. This mute 39 or Jupiter is unable to overcome the devilish evil effects of 8 or Saturn in your Life number.

And it makes the powers of 5 a laughing stock. That is why you are having struggles, delays, and defeats in your life.

You too can be far happier if you correct your name by my system of name numerology which is not a street bookish cheating numerology.

This numerology is based on sound vibes, written vibes, and spoken vibes, and thought vibes.

Therefore in the history of numerology, it is the most scientific and accurate method to design names, assess names and is to be used to arrange marriages, find partners, name kids, and name businesses.

If you like you too can benefit from this by applying through my site from the contact page and benefit from this most scientific system.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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