Name Numerology For 7 & 8.

by Ganojkumar

As per name numerology I have 9 & 1. I am R. Ganojkumar. My father kept it to please Lord Ganesha. My name number as per Chaldean numerology is 53 and 8. Is it good or bad? My wife Padmasree too is born on 25-08-73. I married her on 9-05-2001. We face a lot of hardships in all walks of life. What is in store for us.

Expert Opinion By Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

Your name comes in 35 in Saturn inviting bad luck from all corners. Your wife’s name too is defective as per rules of name numerology. The spoken form of the name differs from the written form. If you add the initials, You have not given) it may be worse.

This spoils the coherence in her name numerology. She is born on the most unlucky 7 & 8, which can make her an unlucky, inefficient, destructive house wife (suicide or court case). Further, note that you have 'no' in your name which gives it a lot of negativity.

It is bad phonology to have negative syllables like 'no', 'sad;, in any one's name. It works against good name numerology. Your marriage date too is highly defective with 9 & 8.

9 is against your wife’s 7, and your 2 in your initial, and 8 is there against both of you. Therefore you have to perform a dual astrology-numerology wedding date correction to enjoy your love.

To have 7 or 8 in your marriage date will cause failure of marriage, separation between husband and wife, accidents to husband or the kids, or even such things like troubles due to law and in laws from either side. Therefore, you need to correct this by a dual astrology and name numerology name correction.

Make your options as per your desire. I thought it is my duty to inform you. If you want, kindly correct your names by applying through the contact page. Good Luck.

Kannan M
Lucky Name Numerology

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