Name Numerology
For 8 & 1

by anonymous
(Prefer Not To Say)

According to name numerology, I was born on 8-7-1948. (8 & 1).

I was married with my wife born on 17th Nov 1950. (8 & 7). Wedding Date 21st March 1979. (3 & 5). Divorced 28-04-2009.

Married Again with another born on 5th July 1968. (5 & 9) Wedding date 11th July 2009. (2 & 2).

By the grace of God I achieved the best position of a media organization starting from scratch. I started the job as clerk, during service passed Intermediate and BA, and then started growing.

I became controller by the course of time 9 years before my retirement on 7th Nov 2008 with a name numerology of 7 & 1.

My first marriage was a love marriage.. I don't know what was wrong with us since we always had bad time. Separated often but every time my children did not leave me alone.

In her absence, I sent my son to England for Higher Education and my daughter got married. But I did not follow name numerology as I did not know about it.

Second marriage was not my decision it was hers again. She went to Australia where she had Gangrenous Appendicitis.

A big financial blow in the retired life since she was not insured and we had to bear all the expenses. For the first time in 62 years of life I am worried about my life. What do you think?

Are there any chances for me to to enjoy peace, good health, and happiness by a name correction through name numerology?

Reply by Kannan M

Born with 8 & 1, still you manage to live through the miseries and adversities of life by the power of 1 in your combination. Your first wedding was on a 3 & 5 date and became unlucky due to that 5.

No one must ever get engaged or married on 5, 7, and 8 days. For each individual additional numbers will come as 3, 4, 6, 2, and 9 as well. If you consult me I can tell your unlucky dates.

That is how all my clients consult me about the correctness of the wedding date and request my professional service to find out and fix an auspicious date and time for their betrothal and wedding.

Not only that. If you join a service on an unlucky day, you will lose that job. If you start your factory or business on an unlucky day you will run under heavy loss.

Therefore, it is always better to decide in advance the best auspicious date and the most lucky time as per name numerology and astrology. I examined your name. It is not perfect.

If alone you had a perfect name, you would have escaped the miseries and misfortunes caused by No. 8. But even with a perfect name, you can not marry on dates of 5, 7, or 8. Though you may have 5 as your lucky number, it will not be lucky for your marriage.

Even in your later years, if you want to remain healthy without incurable diseases and free from financial worries, you must correct your name. You must also advise name correction for your kids too.

Only a name correction as per name numerology will ensure their safety in life. It is not enough to take insurance policies. You must have a good name to live and collect that insurance accruals.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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