Name Numerology For
8 & 8 Made Lucky

by Rajalakshmi

I am Rajalakshmi from INDIA. I like to convey my experience of name numerology in this portal. My dob is 26/07/1982 Ruled by 8. I am only one daughter to my parents. I studied well in school days and finished my engineering with distinction.

I passed out in 2005. Still now I have very good food and I dress well and I am wealthy. After my college I didn't get a job exactly related to software.

But I got job like a lecturer and I earned money for 2 years. But I kept trying. During recession of 2008 time, I tried to enter in software. That is why it doesn't work out. All in the world lost jobs.

One Important thing: My friends also faced this same problem even though they are not born in 8 influence. That is my question.I faced problem common to all.

But I didn't lose my hope. I keep on trying now in 2010 I got placed in a very good software company. But my friends didn't get a job and they keep on trying. Some lose hope and get married. My hard work got success.

Comparing to them I am very lucky to get job in No. 1 world company and got all good things. One thing I like to convey is that I used to pray to Saturn every Saturday.

I hope my prayers reached his ears and did good for me. I like to ask a question. Why you are always saying 8 is unlucky? See for me it is very lucky and I am rocking in my job and studies. Expecting your reply soon. Raji.


Thanks Raji for your interesting submission which reinforces my opinion that the bad luck of name numerology 8 can be corrected by a good name. In your case Rajalakshmi is in 24 in Venus and Raji is in 5 of Mercury. No wonder why you are lucky.

However if you like to have skyrocketing success, name, and fame like to be the boss of a number 1 world company, you too need to change your name by applying through this web site contact page.

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